Apr 17, 2017

Greg Gutfeld Nails It. The Right Wing Media Is Really Just A Bunch of Sheep.

You know, I posted this post;

Did Greg Gutfeld Intentionally Connect A Group Of Americans To ISIS As An Attempt To Demonize Them?

...and then I noticed while browsing Fox News that Greg Gutfeld seems to have answered my tweet...

Gutfeld: Trump is like a really polite Darth VaderApr. 15, 2017 - 12:09 - In meetings he'll listen and make friends, but on the world stage he is not afraid to punish enemies


Gutfeld says that Fox News DOES just repeat stuff like sheep! So now we know...

There you have it. Straight from the horses mouth. The media is a bunch of sheep... and since ALL the clips showed Republicans saying the same thing, it reminds me of how Jon Stewart exposed how talking points are written for Fox News by the GOP bosses that then spreads through the rest of the network.

Since Greg Gutfeld is a comedian I thought he might like another comedians take on the repetitive behavior...

The following are coordinated movements by the Republicans to push a false narrative... whats interesting about it is that here too everyone is using the exact same words in a coordinated effort like the Borg (or "sheep" as Gutfeld put it)...

Example 1: INDECISION 2012 - PRESIDENT EVIL Season 17 Ep 622/22/12 Republicans claim that the 2012 election is all that stands between America and catastrophe -- same as they claimed in 2008.

Example 2: Fox News pushing a divisive viewpoint until they were suddenly faced with a country that had had enough of gay intolerance that had been the mainstay of the GOP brand and politics for so many decades....

LORD OF THE RINGS - THE RIGHT SIDE OF HISTORYSeason 17 Ep 1035/10/12 Fox News pundits' Republican talking points on gay marriage lack their previous turtle sex and polygamy alarmism.

Example 3. The GOP's con game that only works because of thier coordinated effort with Fox News to con the people...

Example 3 A: GOP coordinate thier talking points to oppose everything under Obama

THE WORD - LOYAL OPPOSITION Season 5 Ep 222/10/09 The best way for Republicans to win back the trust of the people is to copy the strategy of our enemies.

Example 3B: GOP coordinate talking points to suppress economy;

THE WORD - THE AUDACITY OF NOPE Season 5 Ep 161/29/09 If Republicans can't have a perfect bill to stimulate the economy, they'd rather have no economy at all.

This video reveals the basic political strategy Republicans use to "help" America as I've outlined in the following links (it shows they have no legitimacy as a ruling party especially since they all swore to protect America from all enemies foreign and domestic and they happen to be America's biggest enemies!);

Lessons In Politics From The Republicans

Example 3 C: Republican coordinate talking points to suggest that they had never opposed Obama (the same sort of fear the left showed to Trump?... as Fox News & GOP only bow to dictators? And pretty much seem to seek them out to worship?)

BAND OF BLOCKERS Season 19 Ep 551/29/14 Republicans uninterested in bipartisanship decry President Obama's lack of bipartisanship, and one Congressman gives a NY1 reporter the traditional Staten Island goodbye.

Example 3 D: The GOP made up some bullshit about Supreme Court nominees in an election year and coordinated their efforts to not fulfill their job (continuing with their opposition using nonsense and coordinating talking points! The hypocrisy is just impressive at this point! Clearly truth is not a big thing on the right now!)

REPUBLICANS SCOTUS-BLOCK PRESIDENT OBAMA3/17/16 Barack Obama nominates Merrick Garland to the Supreme Court, but Senate Republicans are refusing to vote on any candidate the president puts forth in an election year.

In conclusion, Greg Gutfeld is right. The media (including him) and the GOP are like sheep. Answering to the highest bidder who is their "shepherd".

So this post intends to show how Greg Gutfeld is accurate though incomplete which is understandable since he is just a comedian and doesn't have a complete perceptive of american history or american politics (or does he?)

Fox News IS Fake News!

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