Apr 16, 2017

2850 PROFESSIONAL Architects & Engineers AGREE That The THREE Buildings That Fell On 9/11 Could Only Have Fallen Through Explosives

For people with eyes and enough brain cells to be able to utilize the basic reasoning skills contained in their head (& yes, I understand many people simply do not have that ability & function almost entirely from previous programming) the thought of 9/11 brings dread and/or anger. Not towards some cave dwellers on the other side of the world but towards the people in charge who are simply turning a blind eye to basic scientific facts around 9/11 for which 2,850 of architects and engineers can be found to prove explosives - specifically demolition- was used on 9/11 on all three buildings that magically fell despite there being no architectural or engineering reason for them to do so.

2,850 experts. How many more experts can one possibly need .... VS the half a dozen government experts? ... and when did government experts EVER supersede a large group of independent scientists? Well, it's fairly common now that our own party of treason (GOP) has made anti-science a thing using their Nazi News Network. But since when have facts become less important than a narrative? That only happens in communist and dictator led states people!

Here is a source to get professional experts on architecture and engineers to at least convince that part of the population that likes facts... that will most likely be enough.

Website: Architects & Engineers for 9/11 Truth....

2,850 Architects and Engineer's to date

21,511 non-professionals have signed up with this group as well

The message that went out when the group hit 2,750...

Read more here.

A radio show with the latest research on 9/11

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