Mar 22, 2017

Tracing The Sources Of Our Culture To The Paleolithic Age... With Art & Music Being Well Over 40,000 Years Old!

Most developing cultures will use wood for their tools and cultural implements. Where wood is not commonly available, over time, people will begin using bone and stone as a means of creating tools and cultural artifacts. The oldest artifacts from past cultures and civilizations that we have are made of stone or bone for a reason... it's because the wood has long since deteriorated away in most cases. It's very rare to find wooden tools preserved in time like mummies but it does occasionally occur. What follows is some of the evidence we have of art from a time so long ago that all we can find is remains left in stone... which by itself suggests a long time of development in wood, which we have no proof of because the material (wood) has disintegrated over time BUT we do know stone tools don't erupt in any culture BEFORE wooden tools. This gives us an idea that art such as drawing images and music goes back so far back as to be timeless (probably over 100,000 years or more).

National Geographic: Bone Flute Is Oldest Instrument, Study Says
A vulture-bone flute discovered in a European cave is likely the world's oldest recognizable musical instrument and pushes back humanity's musical roots, a new study says.

27,000 year old stone slab with an animal carving on it from Namibia in Africa

Artwork on the cave walls bulls, horses and deer

An extinct species of deer

A horse

People swimming

More drawings of people

Cave of the Beasts

People dancing and more beasts such as giraffes can be seen

A closeup of one of the animals

Observation: Was Egyptian art simply the culmination of millennia old art?

Cultural Inventions from the Paleolithic era;

A common artifact/sculpture/carving found amongst the paleolithic people

The following documentary introduces us to the technologies, such as weaving and art, that has been a mainstay in human cultures for so long its quite astounding.

Documentary: Mystery of Life in the Paleolithic Age

Tracing The Origins Of Culture & Civilization

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