Mar 21, 2017

The Legacy Of George W. Bush With The Daily Show (Part 2 - 1999/0)

Part 1: The Legacy Of George W. Bush With The Daily Show (Part 1 - 1999)

Part 2...

HEADLINES - STRAW DOGS 8/16/99 George W. Bush celebrates his victory in the Iowa straw poll by crapping into a box and kicking an old woman.

AND YOU CAN QUOTE ME  8/18/99 Senator Bennett reveals the only possible way George W. Bush will not be nominated involves either a black woman or a bus.

HEADLINES - STANDING PAT 9/27/99 Taking a jab at Pat Buchanan, Texas Governor George W. Bush makes a push for the Republican nod for both the presidential race and the master race.

HEADLINES - CAMPAIGN IN THE ASS 10/6/99 George W. Bush and Al Gore continue their presidential campaigns in New York City and the United Nations releases a report on robots.

HEADLINES - BACK SCRATCH FEVER 1/5/00 Vice President Al Gore and Governor George W. Bush receive key political endorsements from Senator Ted Kennedy and Elizabeth Dole, respectively.

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