Mar 16, 2017

The Legacy Of George W. Bush With The Daily Show (Part 1 - 1999)

A look at the REAL George W. Bush...

COKE BUSH George W. Bush still refuses to disclose whether he has used cocaine and, from a reporter's standpoint, that can only mean that he's definitely used cocaine.

HEADLINES - FANCY BOOK RITIN' Governor George W. Bush releases a new biography showing his glistening heart.

HEADLINES - INDECISION George W. Bush fails a test on foreign leaders, Al Gore hires a feminist author to soften his image and Stephen Colbert has phone sex with a woman in Minnesota.

BACK IN BLACK - PERUVIAN JUNGLE Drug addicts are treated to a hallucinogenic drink in the Peruvian jungle, North and South Korea are about to have it out, and George W. Bush is leading in the polls.

HEADLINES - EMPIRE OF THE SON George W. Bush's foreign policy experience ranges from El Paso to Lubbock.

What would eventually happen on George W. Bush's watch;

Iraq War Highlighted


Media's Iraq War Cover-Up

9/11 History

The "Real News" Media's Double Standard On Terrorism

I SMASH Corporate Media!!!

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