Mar 10, 2017

The Daily Show On The "War On Terror" & Terrorism - Part 8

Part 7: The Daily Show On The "War On Terror" & Terrorism - Part 7

Part 8...

SPORT IT UP OCTOBER 16, 2002 - With killers on the loose, a sagging economy and a terrorist attack in Bali, now is the time to focus all your interests in the outside world exclusively on athletics. (2:42)

HEADLINES - BUFFALO SOLDIERS SEPTEMBER 16, 2002 - According to Federal Investigators, terrorists believe Buffalo is very much worth destroying. (3:26)

SUSPECTED FLORIDA TERRORISTS SEPTEMBER 17, 2002 - Stephen Colbert explains how easily young people's slang can be misinterpreted, making phrases like "blowing up the bomb" seem dangerous. (2:59)

VICTORIA CLARKE OCTOBER 29, 2002 - Victoria Clarke talks to Jon about Donald Rumsfeld, terrorism and Jon's ex-girlfriend. (5:46)

TERROR UNC OCTOBER 8, 2002 - Mo Rocca profiles the dangerous terrorist training activities taking place on the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill campus. (3:41)

The Daily Show On The "War On Terror" & "Terrorism"

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