Mar 3, 2017

The Daily Show Does ISIS - Part 4

Part 3: The Daily Show Does ISIS - Part 3

Part 4...

AL QAEDA'S INDIAN FRANCHISE SEPTEMBER 4, 2014 - Al Qaeda sets its sights on India as ISIS continues to dominate Iraq. (3:43)

THOROUGHLY MODERN MILITANTS SEPTEMBER 9, 2014 - The mission and tactics of the fundamentalist group ISIS causes the rest of the world to unite against them while Al Qaeda struggles to keep up with the times. (8:18)

OBAMA'S ISIS SPEECH SEPTEMBER 10, 2014 - President Obama prepares to outline his plan for tackling ISIS in an upcoming speech, but Andrea Tantaros at Fox News is prematurely dissatisfied. (1:46)

HENRY KISSINGER SEPTEMBER 10, 2014 - Former Secretary of State Henry Kissinger discusses his book "World Order" and predicts the outcome of Barack Obama's speech about ISIS militants. (6:03)

REPUBLICANS' PREDICTIONS OF THE IRAQ CRISIS SEPTEMBER 11, 2014 - Senator John McCain responds to President Obama's ISIS speech with self-congratulatory criticism, and George W. Bush's chilling predictions from 2007 finally get acknowledged. (3:33)

Was George Bush's 2007 Iraq prediction based on Cheney's 1994 Iraq prediction?

Dick Cheney explains how Iraq would fall apart if we invaded in 1994:

i.e. the Bush Administration knew as early as 1994 that invading Iraq would destabilize it... is that why John McCain funded ISIS through his Arab allies? (i.e. to make the Bush Administrations "predictions" come true? We know the media covers up the Iraq War - again and again - and it's reasons from the public... so obviously they would help with the ISIS causes coverup! As it is media won't call Fox News on it's lies despite it's large market share).

The Daily Show Does ISIS

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