Mar 21, 2017

Dick Cheney Exposed With The Daily Show - Part 4 (2002)

Part 3: Dick Cheney Exposed With The Daily Show - Part 3 (2001)

Part 4...

HEADLINES - WHIRLED LEADERS 1/28/02 George W. Bush, Donald Rumsfeld and Dick Cheney try to defend various controversial policies.

HEADLINES - DICK AROUND 3/19/02 Vice President Dick Cheney visited 11 nations in 5 days -- not the best way to get a feel for a place.

OIL POUT - HALLIBURTON 4/10/02 Iraq was able to rebuild its oil producing infrastructure following the Gulf War with help from Halliburton and its CEO, Dick Cheney.

VICE CAPADES 7/11/02 As CEO of Halliburton Dick Cheney received his training from the same book as the CEOs of Global Crossing and Enron.

MOMENT OF ZEN - GOOD ACCOUNTING 7/11/02 Dick Cheney explains why exactly he loves dealing with accounting firm Arthur Andersen.

Dick Cheney

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