Feb 11, 2017

The Case To Re-Categorize America As A Terrorist State ... With Democracy Now!

1. A Radical Experiment In Empathy: The Case To Reclassify America As A Terrorist State (Have You Noticed That A Great Deal Of American Foreign Policy Can Be Seen As A White Supremacist Cleansing/Genocide?)
2. The Case To Re-Categorize America As A Terrorist State... With The Daily Show!
3. Beltway Media Covers Up Reporting On A Bi-Partisan Senate Report Proving We Were Misled Into The Iraq War By The Bush Administration & Jon Stewart Makes Fun Of The Media's Coverup
4. Trump Seems To Be Following The Rhetoric About Fearing Muslims By The Media To It's Logical Conclusion
5. Republicans Demonstrate How To Kill People With Rhetoric (Something We Know Can Be Done Since The 1900s!)... Can Regular Citizens Get Secret Service Protection Too?
6. Rachel Maddow On How Right-Wing Extremist Attacks Are Ignored By The Media In Favor Of Jihadist Violence
7. Calling White Terrorists "Mentally Insane" Doesn't Change What They Are (Just Ask The Terrified People Who Were Their Victims)

While the nation went into "terrorist hysteria" (a state still encouraged by media today) Democracy Now was the only one to try and provide context... something media STILL doesn't do today unless an outcry makes them and even then only grudgingly while emphasizing their money making strategy of scapegoating Muslims with their terrorist hysteria antics. (I went over this phenomenon here). This post goes over the outright hypocrisy of how the word terrorist is used in America today i.e. it's only used - with it's hysteria and fear mongering outcry - for colored people, who, in this case, happen to be Muslims.

New Intercept Exposé Uncovers SEAL Team 6's Ghastly Trail of Atrocities, Mutilations, Killings
A stunning new exposé published today in The Intercept about the elite military unit SEAL Team 6 reveals a darker side of the group best known for killing Osama bin Laden. National security reporter Matthew Cole spent two years investigating accounts of ghastly atrocities committed by members of the unit, including mutilating corpses, skinnings and attempted beheadings. According to sources, senior command staff were aware of the misconduct but did little to stop it—and often helped to cover it up.

In Real Bowling Green Massacre, a White Supremacist Planned Attack Against African Americans & Jews

As the nonexistent terrorist attack manufactured by Donald Trump’s counselor Kellyanne Conway makes headlines, we look at an actual threat by an extremist in Bowling Green, Ohio. In 2012, an FBI raid uncovered a full arsenal of assault rifles, firearms, body armor and ammunition amassed by the suspect, who prosecutors later determined was planning to carry out mass killings. But the suspect is not a radical Muslim. He is white supremacist Richard Schmidt, who federal authorities say was planning targeted attacks on African Americans and Jews. Investigators found a list of names and addresses of people to be assassinated, including the leaders of NAACP chapters in Michigan and Ohio. Schmidt was sentenced to less than six years in prison after a federal judge said prosecutors had failed to adequately establish that he was a political terrorist.

See the Signs of Terror: Journalists Call on Trump to Condemn White Supremacist-Led Attacks & Plots
As the nonexistent terrorist attack manufactured by Donald Trump’s counselor Kellyanne Conway makes headlines, we speak with reporters covering an actual threat from a white extremist in Bowling Green, Ohio, and the ongoing trial of a Christian minister in Tennessee for plotting to travel to upstate New York to kill Muslims there, using explosives, an M-4 assault rifle and a machete. We continue our conversation with ProPublica’s A.C. Thompson and Dean Obeidallah, a columnist for The Daily Beast.

Embedded Filmmaker Who Shot "Fahrenheit 9/11" Footage Describes Young U.S. GIs Committing Abuses

Embedded Filmmaker Who Shot "Fahrenheit 9/11" Iraq Footage Describes Humiliation and Sexual Abuse of Iraqi Families in U.S. Raids

Epitaph for Another 9/11: Renown Writer Ariel Dorfman on 1973 U.S.-Backed Coup in Chile

"That September 11, that lethal Tuesday morning, I awoke with dread to the sound of planes flying above my house. When, an hour later, I saw smoke billowing from the center of the city, I knew that life had changed for me, for my country, forever." Those are the words of our guest, Chilean-American author Ariel Dorfman, writing not about the September 11 attacks on the World Trade Center and the Pentagon 10 years ago this week, but another September 11. On September 11, 1973 a U.S.-backed coup in Chile led by General Augusto Pinochet ousted Chile’s democratically elected president, Salvador Allende. Allende died in the palace on that day. Ariel Dorfman served as a cultural adviser to Salvador Allende from 1970 to 1973. After the coup, he went into exile, and today he is recognized as one of Latin America’s greatest writers. "Chile reacted to the terror that was inflicted upon us with nonviolent resistance. In other words, for instance, we did not go and bomb Washington because Washington had ordered and helped to create the coup in Chile. On the contrary, we created a peaceful revolution against Pinochet," Dorfman notes. "If you contrast that to the United States, to what Bush did as a result of this very small band of terrorists, the results have been absolutely terrible. If this was a test—and I think great catastrophes are always tests of national values and national will—alas, the United States has failed that test terribly." 


September 11th has now become synonymous with the tragic events of two years ago. It brings forth images of the death and destruction here in the US: the towers crumbling, people fleeing through streets or jumping from buildings, desperate to learn anything about their missing loved ones. But for others around the world this date evokes different images and memories of terror. Today on Democracy Now!, we will spend the hour looking at September 11ths throughout history. We’ll go back to September 11, 1973 the day Chile’s democratically-elected President Salvador Allende died in a CIA-backed military coup; to September 11, 1977 the day anti-apartheid leader Stephen Biko was being driven to Pretoria where he would die a day later on a prison floor after being beaten by South African police; to September 11, 1990 when Guatemalan anthropologist Myrna Mack was murdered by US-backed death squads; to September 11, 1971 to the Attica Prison uprising that saw New York State Troopers kill 39 men and wound 88 others. 

A Fateful Day: 9/11 Also Marks Important Anniversaries in India, Guatemala, Haiti and Attica, NY
On the anniversary of the 2001 attacks on the World Trade Center and the Pentagon, we look back at several national and international events linked to that day. This year on September 11, India will mark the 105th anniversary of Mahatma Gandhi launching the modern nonviolent resistance movement. We play part of a 2003 interview with Gandhi’s grandson, Arun. On September 11, 1990, renowned Guatemalan anthropologist Myrna Mack was assassinated in Guatemala City. She had been stalked for two weeks prior to her death by a U.S.-backed military death squad in retaliation for her work to expose and document the destruction of rural indigenous communities by U.S.-backed state forces and allied paramilitary groups. We play part of a 2003 interview with Myrna’s sister Helen Mack, who has fought tirelessly to bring justice to people killed by high-ranking Guatemalan officials in the armed forces. On September 11, 1993, in the midst of the U.S.-backed coup in Haiti, Antoine Izméry was dragged out of a church by coup forces and murdered in broad daylight. He had been commemorating a massacre of parishioners at the Saint-Jean Bosco Church that had occurred five years earlier on September 11, 1988. Father Jean-Bertrand Aristide narrowly escaped death in that attack, and later became president of Haiti. We play an excerpt from a 2004 Democracy Now! interview with Haitian President Jean-Bertrand Aristide about the attack. We also play a portion of the film "Ghosts of Attica," about Frank "Big Black" Smith, a prisoner who played a prominent role in the September 9, 1971, Attica prison rebellion and who was tortured by the troops who crushed the uprising days later. 

Michael Moore's Fahrenheit 9/11 Opens Across the Country, Despite GOP & Disney Attempts to Limit Its Reach

Chain of Command: The Road from 9/11 to Abu Ghraib

Cruz pleaded guilty to conspiracy and maltreatment of prisoners and has agreed to testify against others charged in more serious cases of mistreatment at the U.S.-run prison west of Baghdad. But while Cruz pleaded guilty, his lawyers contended throughout that he was just following orders from superiors. But how high does the scandal go? Today we look at the "Chain of Command: The Road from 9/11 to Abu Ghraib." That’s the title of a new book by Pulitzer prize-winning reporter Seymour Hersh.

Reflections On 9/11 and Beyond

It is 27 degrees today outside in New York, a chilling reminder of the events of the day six months ago. Today is thesix-month anniversary of the September 11th. On that day, 19 men hijacked four airplanes and sent them hurtling intosome of the most vaunted symbols of American might and power: the World Trade Center and the Pentagon. More thanthree thousand people died in the attacks. Since then, thousands more have lost their lives in the US bombing ofAfghanistan. Few people in this country know exactly how many Afghans have died or who they are. Just as we go to broadcast, the country is holding the second of two minutes of silence marking each time the planeshit the towers. Later this evening, New York will hold a "Tribute in Light," ceremony, where the opera singer JessyeNorman will sing "America the Beautiful." Twelve year-old Valerie Webb, whose father, a Port Authority policeofficer, died on Sept. 11, will turn on the first switch to light the 88 bulbs installed at two locations near groundzero. The lights will fully illuminate after 20 seconds, creating two tall beams of light. In memory of the six-month anniversary of 9/11, news outlets around the country have put together retrospectives ofthe day and the weeks that followed. To watch them is to be alternately moved by the stories of loss ­ and to besent hurtling through the looking glass, into a world in which there is no nation more victimized than the UnitedStates, no president more heroic than George W. Bush, and no cause more just than the bombing of Afghanistan. Well today on Democracy Now!, we are not going to take you through that looking glass. Instead, we are going to giveyou a series of reflections, glimpses of reality since September 11th. In the months that followed the attacks, Democracy Now! worked overtime to broadcast a daily, two-hour "War & PeaceReport." The report was Democracy Now’s answer to the warp and whitewash of mainstream reporting. Today, in memoryof 9/11 and all that has happened since, we bring you highlights of the War & Peace Report. We begin with DemocracyNow’s broadcast from the firehouse in the moments and hours after the towers were hit.

Afghans Recount Decade of Deadly U.S. Home Raids & Attacks Ahead of 9/11 Anniversary
In Afghanistan, victims of U.S. attacks throughout the decade-long war are speaking out about their experiences ahead of this week’s 10-year anniversary of 9/11. A Jalalabad resident described a deadly raid on his family’s home last year. Resident: "My father and my brother were sleeping inside the home with their children when suddenly the U.S. soldiers climbed on the roof and then entered the home and shot my father. I imagined they had a fight with him when I heard the gunfire, or I thought that robbers had entered our house. Then I heard the children shouting that robbers had come. My older brother woke up and saw that the U.S. soldiers killed my father, so he grabbed my father’s body. Then the Americans opened fire on him and killed him."

"Stripping Bare the Body: Politics, Violence, War": Groundbreaking Journalist Mark Danner on Haiti, the Balkans, Iraq and Torture
Award-winning journalist, writer and professor Mark Danner has just released a new collection of dispatches about Haiti, the Balkans, Iraq and the use of torture in the US war on terror. It’s called Stripping Bare the Body: Politics, Violence, War. We speak to Danner about torture in the so-called war on terror and his career of chronicling US-backed human rights abuses abroad.

Wisconsin Rep. Claims White Terrorist Attacks are "Different"
Trump is facing increasing criticism for not including cases of massacres carried out by white supremacists in the White House’s recently issued list of 78 terrorist attacks. Among the attacks not included was the recent massacre in Quebec City, Canada, where a Trump-supporting white nationalist killed six worshipers at a mosque on January 29. Also not included was the Charleston, South Carolina, massacre, where nine black worshipers were killed by white supremacist Dylann Roof in 2015. On Tuesday, Wisconsin Republican Congressmember Sean Duffy tried to defend the exclusion of these massacres from the list during an interview with ...

A larger list of white people killings;
(Part of the reason for picking on colored people is that they are a minority and thus easier to discriminate against and attack while pointing out the horrors of white people terrorism would just freak everyone out... so media does the moral thing and just kills colored people... is how the GOP must see it!). In detail...

The "Real News" Media's Double Standard On Terrorism

9/11 History

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