Feb 5, 2017

The Case To Re-Categorize America As A Terrorist State... With The Daily Show!

Background: A Radical Experiment In Empathy: The Case To Reclassify America As A Terrorist State (Have You Noticed That A Great Deal Of American Foreign Policy Can Be Seen As A White Supremacist Cleansing/Genocide?)

The following video uses points inspired by my post above (or so it seems... unless it's just two great minds thinking alike, repeatedly).  This is a trend going back to when my views on white people terrorism coverups by the media inspired a more in depth piece by Hasan Minaj on refugees in general.

Anyways, on to the Daily Show version of my post listed as the background;

HASAN THE RECORD - PRESIDENT TRUMP'S DE FACTO MUSLIM TRAVEL BAN JANUARY 31, 2017 - Hasan Minhaj breaks down how President Trump was able to implement a travel ban from several Muslim-majority countries using barely legal precedents. (4:45)

The very careful copy is towards the end of the video;

Of course this correlation is alot more watered down in the Trump Administration compared to his last one (reflecting the increase in hysteria cause of the "war on facts"... maybe to see what he can get away with?)... which is what the media has been doing with Fox News going back to the Iraq War & earlier , which is why Fox News controls such a large segment of the media market (no one has the guts to challenge them). "No guts no glory.".. and thus MSNBC stays stunted in ratings (controversy creates viewers and yet the media won't tell the truth). (I bet Trump could retweet all my 9/11 tweets and the media would ignore me) :(

Anyways, the tradition of being inspired by my posts (on this blog or on twitter) goes back to Jon Stewart & Colbert Report ... which includes a heavy dose of making fun of me (so I don't point it out often - and when I do it's sometimes a deeper joke because of some Andy Kaufman influence - but it is flattering). Most recently Trevor Noah was probably making fun of my "Yet Another Triple! [TM]" thing on twitter ... since I "trademarked" it, he did three trumpet noises (at 1:40). Hilarious. Or like where he kinda agreed with me about Obama's farewell speech (at approx 1 min 20 secs)

The "Real News" Media's Double Standard On Terrorism

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