Feb 21, 2017

"Islamic Terrorism" Is An Arab Problem And Not A "Muslim" Problem - Fareed Zakaria

1. Rachel Maddow On How Right-Wing Extremist Attacks Are Ignored By The Media In Favor Of Jihadist Violence
2. Calling White Terrorists "Mentally Insane" Doesn't Change What They Are (Just Ask The Terrified People Who Were Their Victims)
3. Hasan Minhaj Shows How Fox News Uses Sensationalism ("Radical Islam") To Drum Up Fear & Hysteria! (Kinda)
4. A Sampling Of Biblical Scripture For The Non-Fact Based Media Commentator

Context left out of the media (particularly Fox News): Here is basically what's going on with additional information to fill out the empty spaces everyone leaves to help the GOP with their cover-up of the Bush wars (even during election campaigning)... but this clip provides useful information normally left out of much of the "news" media discussions;

Fareed's Take: Why they still hate us Fareed looks at the dynamics of the Arab world and how the balance between dictators and jihadis has changed since 9/11.Source: CNN

Weighted Muslim Population Distribution Map (a small percentage of Muslims are used by the "anti-Muslims" folk to paint all of them like the Nazis must have done to the Jews... also, local factors such as economics and/or past inference by US is almost ALWAYS left out. O! How wonderful it is to be so blameless. F*** history... or at least, so goes the Fox News and GOP mantra)

Note:  There few thousand (or hundred thousand or so) radical Muslims in a population of 1.57 billion Muslims.

An example to study (notice how Ben Affleck instinctively sense Bill Mahers argument is wrong... also notice how Christian Scripture never comes up! It's as if the Constitution - with its separation of Church and State - has nothing to do with America's liberalism"!);

The Main Discussion;

2:20 has to be my favorite moment with Bill Maher shrugging and Ben Affleck exclaiming "Jesus.
This was in response to "Islam is the mother load of bad ideas" - Listen to white guy in second video below.

2:50 "people standing up to them like Malala or...' (bunch of other studies not covered in the media as it would be the opposite of smearing which is the media's current goal)

At 4:05 the guy comes with an interesting idea that i might be inclined to agree with (the Muslim world is going through a dark age, not as bad as the Christian dark age with burning of witches and all, but a dark age nevertheless).

It's important to understand 2 things about that idea 1. He estimates it at 20% which seems fair to me. 2. Holding strange beliefs is normal for large human populations, for example;

One in four Americans think Obama may be the antichrist, survey says - Poll asking voters about conspiracy theories reveals alarming beliefs – including 37% believing global warming to be a hoax 

Quarter of Republicans Think Obama May Be the Anti-Christ

A5 6:10 the Michael Steele does get it right that the media doesnt cover important stuff making most news a sort of smear campaign (one which Bill Maher has been witnessing for years already and probably doesn't realize it yet).

7:50 Ben Afflek is right we look at Iraq etc. and think oooops we made a mistake and don't even carry out an investigation(the last part is me).

At no point did they cover economic situations of those involved. It's touched upon in the second video below.

I'm very confused where Bill Maher is getting the 90% figure on how Muslims feel about someone leaving thier religion. Oh! Nevermind. Found it. From CNN:

Maher then cited a Pew Research poll that he claimed found that 90% of Egyptians supported the death penalty for those who left Islam. I'm not sure where Maher got his numbers, but a 2013 Pew poll actually found only 64% of Egyptians supported this -- still alarmingly high, but not 90%.

Another useful extractfrom CNN:

More importantly, Egypt does not define the Muslim world. Rather, Egypt is simply one of 47 Muslim-majority nations. That same poll found that in Turkey, a nation that has almost as many Muslims as Egypt, less than 5% supported the death penalty for leaving Islam. Maher also has left out that only 13 Muslim nations have penalties for apostasy, while 34 do not.

So who truly defines Islam? To Maher, clearly it's the worst of our faith. That's something you would expect to hear from a far-right bigot, not a liberal.

Maher's remarks dismayed American Muslims across the country but won applause from all the hosts on Fox News' "The Five." When you're a progressive and a gaggle of Fox News hosts praises your views, you know something is seriously wrong.


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