Feb 18, 2017

Analysis: Trump Is Being Conned By Alex Jones... A Psycho Taking Advantage Of An Old Man, How Sad!

This is just an initial look at what's going on with our new President and Alex Jones (who seems to be trying to scare Trump to the point of paranoia).

PRESIDENT TRUMP: AMERICA'S XENOPHOBIC GRANDPA FEBRUARY 15, 2017 - After months of Donald Trump's angry rhetoric, cable news binges and nonsensical rants, Trevor reminds viewers that the president is just like many other senior citizens. (8:26)


From the looks of it, Trump was approached by Mike Pence and asked 'what's going on?'

(CNN)The White House struggled Tuesday to answer an avalanche of questions over national security adviser Michael Flynn's resignation.
Flynn was asked to quit Monday after it became public that he had misled Vice President Mike Pence about whether he had discussed US sanctions during pre-inauguration phone calls with the Kremlin's man in Washington, Sergey Kislyak.

In new developments Tuesday, it emerged that President Donald Trump was told on January 26 -- more than two weeks ago -- that the Justice Department had concerns about Flynn's conduct.
    Pence did not find out he had been misled until February 9, according to two administration officials.
    "It's not that he was being left out. It was a legal review," one source said.
    When Pence began his inquiry based on Washington Post reporting, "the timeline moved fast," the source said.

    Trump, after meeting with the experienced politician appointed by him, decided to ask
    Michael Flynn to resign and did what a President needs to do (release a notification)...

    Aide: President Trump lost trust in Michael Flynn and asked him to quit

    David Jackson and Kevin Johnson , USA TODAY Published 7:29 a.m. ET Feb. 14, 2017 | Updated 8:15 p.m. ET Feb. 14, 2017
    WASHINGTON — President Trump knew for more than two weeks that ex-national security adviser Michael Flynn lied about his contact with a Russian ambassador and demanded his resignation because he could no longer trust him, the White House spokesman said Tuesday.
    "The evolving and eroding level of trust as a result of this situation, and a series of other questionable instances, is what led the president to ask for General Flynn's resignation," Trump spokesman Sean Spicer said.
    Vice President Pence didn't know about Flynn's actions until Feb. 9, Pence's press secretary, Marc Lotter, told the Washington Post and NBC News Tuesday

    Here is a story from the Guardian;

    Trump knew for weeks Michael Flynn misled over Russia contact White House says resignation a result of ‘eroding level of trust’, not potential violation of law, as GOP divided over inquiry into Flynn’s calls with ambassador

    The retired general Michael Flynn was forced to quit on Monday night after reports that he could be vulnerable to blackmail by Moscow.
    Democrats demanded an independent investigation into Flynn’s phone calls with the Russian ambassador, what Trump knew about them and when. A senior Republican promised to examine the matter “exhaustively”, but others in the party were reluctant.
    Sean Spicer, the White House press secretary, told reporters how the resignation had happened: “The evolving and eroding level of trust as a result of this situation and a series of other questionable incidents is what led the president to ask Gen Flynn for his resignation.”
    He added: “There’s nothing that the general did that was a violation of any sort. What this came down to was a matter of trust.”
    Flynn stepped down after just 24 days when it emerged that he had discussed sanctions with the Russian ambassador to Washington before Trump took office, then misled vice-president Mike Pence and others about the conversationsFBI agents interviewed Flynn soon after the inauguration, the New York Times reported.
    White House officials were reeling from the scandal less than a month after Trump became president amid reports of disarray and dysfunction. They also faced questions over why they had not acted more than two weeks ago when first warned by the Department of Justice that the retired general might be vulnerable to Russian blackmail.
    Spicer claimed that Trump was first made aware that Flynn had potentially misled the vice-president on 26 January and that the White House legal counsel, Donald McGahn, had been investigating the situation since in what Spicer called “a very deliberative process”, determining within several days that Flynn had not broken the law. Until 13 February, Flynn continued to have access to top-level information.
    Chuck Schumer, the Senate Democratic leader, called for an investigation into the “potential criminal violations” surrounding the communications between Flynn and Russia. “The White House knew for weeks that Gen Flynn misled the vice-president and that his discussion about sanctions with the Russian government could potentially compromise our national security because he was subject to blackmail,” Schumer said at a press conference on Tuesday.

    Notice that involvement by a top Democratic official gave Alex Jones a link to create a conspiracy theory to mislead the President... while ignoring EVERYTHING that happened before! i.e. Trump himself released statements as to why he asked Flynn to go but Alex Jones ignored all of them and made up his own story!

    Despite all of this Alex Jones decided to come up with an explanation that not only defies facts, it's directed AT the President... as if the president doesn't already have access to classified information and the army not to mention fulltime protection by the Secret Service...

    THE REAL REASON GENERAL FLYNN WAS FORCED TO RESIGN The military-industrial complex is trying to sabotage Trump Paul Joseph Watson | Infowars.com - FEBRUARY 14, 2017

    The resignation of General Flynn is part of an ongoing effort by the military-industrial complex to sabotage President Trump and re-assert control over foreign policy. Flynn was backed into a corner after it was revealed that he had a conversation with Russian Ambassador Sergey Kislyak back in December. This was seized upon because it could be spun to validate the otherwise completely baseless conspiracy theory that Russia “hacked the election” to help Trump defeat Hillary Clinton and that Flynn’s talk with Kislyak was a promise of payback. In reality, Flynn’s conversation with Kislyak was merely the excuse that establishment neo-cons and neo-libs from both parties were desperately searching for. They wanted him gone from the very beginning. This was a deep state coup.

    In essence, Flynn was merely exercising due diligence as incoming National Security Adviser by communicating with a prominent foreign official. However, the politicized intelligence community and the breathless, hysterical anti-Trump press demanded Flynn’s head on the basis that he had violated the Logan Act, even though that contention is shaky at best.

    Before going on I should point out that Trump listens to Alex Jones as he was a campaign supporter;

    Trump’s ‘news’ source: Alien lizards, fluoride mind control and voter fraud

    “Report: Three Million Votes in Presidential Election Cast by Illegal Aliens; Trump may have won popular vote.” — Infowars, website of leading conspiracy theorist Alex Jones, Nov. 14 

     “In addition to winning the Electoral College in a landslide, I won the popular vote if you deduct the millions of people who voted illegally.” — Donald Trump, president-elect of the United States, Nov. 27

    Alex Jones was a powerful underground voice for the alternative conservative media, but he became a more mainstream figure in December 2015, when Donald Trump, then a Republican presidential candidate, spent 30 minutes on Jones's radio program, "Info Wars." (Erin Patrick O'Connor, Manuel Roig-Franzia/The Washington Post)

    Since Alex Jones helped Trump during the campaign (but only in the small group that watches the guy... ultimately it was the FBI that gave Trump the election and NOT Alex Jones) ... Trump did some words on for Alex Jones (like he likes to do for his supporters which his supporters appreciate, i.e. good politics);

    Flynn Was Brought Down by Illegal Leaks to News Media, Trump Says

    WASHINGTON — President Trump lashed out at the nation’s intelligence agencies again on Wednesday, saying that his former national security adviser, Michael T. Flynn, was brought down by illegal leaks to the news media, on a day of new disclosures about the Trump camp’s dealings with Russia during and after the presidential campaign.

    Explanation: Leaks are normal, even Cheney did them... but to help him invade Iraq which the media helped him with. Leaks also help bring the people into the discussion and decrease tyrannical power at the top.

    This fueled Alex Jones into really laying it on thick to make the President paranoid which can only make him make bad decisions like ones that could lead him to his impeachment rather then helping the country take out the 9/11 guys which Alex Jones is THEORETICALLY supposed to be after, but clearly isn't.

    Infowars Scare Tactic: CIA Wants Trump Dead: The CIA is at war with President Donald Trump and are willing to do anything it takes to stop him.

    Anyways, Alex Jones is clearly trying to make the President paranoid by assuming to know things he can't possibly know, but the President can (it's like making a conspiracy theory about your bathroom when you are the only one that has seen the bathroom... a conspiracy theory only works if you try and convince someone of bullshit they can't possibly know about and NOT trying to convince someone of stuff they can find out personally from a phone call... or just because he is now at the top and can't be fooled by conspiracy theories designed to fool people about those at the top;

    This was a scare tactic BEFORE Trump became President (i.e. assuming that Aliens control the Government... of course, saying that now implies Trump himself is an alien lizard. Though Alex Jones is so dumb with his conspiracy theories he might actually try convincing Trump he's part Alien now, somehow)

    Alex Jones Brags About Advising Trump, Warns Him of Reptilian Aliens

    By H. Peter Johnson Conspiracy theorist Alex Jones has bragged about advising Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump. “I warned Mr. Trump to be careful of shape-shifting reptilian aliens trying to infiltrate his campaign,” said Jones on his radio show “Info Wars.” “I believe that many of Hillary Clinton’s health problems are down to the fact that her reptilian DNA is having a hard time adapting to our environment.”

    Here is a post campaign scare tactic;

    ‘HE WILL DIE IN JAIL’: EX-NSA ANALYST SAYS INTEL COMMUNITY GOING ‘NUCLEAR’ WITH TRUMP "Now we go nuclear": War between President Trump and intelligence community intensifies


    REPORT: PRIEBUS NEXT TO GO AS TRUMP STRIKES BACK OVER FLYNN Trump loyalists place Priebus next on chopping block

    In other words, I think Alex Jones is currently busying shooting himself in the foot by making up conspiracy theories that the new government CAN check up on. Trump is no longer a person in the dark listening to ghost stories and wondering if they are true because he as at the center of the place the ghost stories are about.

    So the question is, what happened?

    I think people have misunderstood Trump based on their normal reactions to people in power.  Media goes around hyping up attacks by Muslims and their victims but will cover up an attack with white people dying (victim's) if the attacker may be white. It's how they helped cover up the Iraq War... and now they have another GOP President and their instinctive reaction is to help him become a dictator but Trump is trying to be a good President and so we have the current "mess".

    Trump is an old man catering to his base... a large part of whom are old people (who do you think watches Fox News & Bill O Reilly? Old retired people who miss the old days as they are at the end of their lives... almost nobody lives to a 100 anymore so Trump has 30 years tops). What we are experiencing now is Fox News and other charlatan news netwroks/outlets taking advantage of the fact that some epoepl are old and idle and are thinking crazy thoughts out of boredom. In short we are reliving, on a mass scale, what Eric Hoffer pointed out in his book "The Temper Of Our Time";

    "In this country, even the inaction due to retirement often becomes explosive. In Southern California, where retired farmers, shop keepers, business executives, generals, and admirals abound, we have been treated to a madhouse of extremist cults, utopias, and movement. My feeling is that an energetic, skilled population deprived of a sense of usefulness would be an ideal setup for an American Hitler"

    Clearly this is what many at Fox News wants;

    ...and since Alex Jones is basically copying Fox News's neo con tactics, he wants the same thing i.e. an authoritarian like Hitler in charge who listens to and applies whatever psychotic thought his confused little brain can some up with.

    In conclusion: Alex Jones is pushing his conspiracy theories too far and Trump is probably beginning to realize Jones is full of shit. At the same time Trump is catering to his base of mostly old people (who are prone to cultlike conspiracy theories) and misinformed people by outlets like Fox & Infowars - and to lesser degrees by the rests of the media as all they really are is Orwellian outlets to do public relations for out untouchable dictator like politicians and thier con games.

    Me VS Alex Jones

    Fox News

    Analyzing Fox News Rhetoric & "Conservatism"

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