Jan 15, 2017

SHOULD Sessions Be Attorney General? He Thinks Religious People Have More Sense Than Regular People... Isn't That What The Constitution Is There To Protect Us From?

What I have issue with is his belief about people who don't share his, rather scary, religion;

Samantha Bee: A Session On Sessions | Full Frontal with Samantha Bee | TBS

The most interesting thing is Sessions is most probably bought - hook, line and sinker - the entire propaganda campaign of Fox News (with help from the rest of corporate media) to frame liberals as Nazis ;

 First of all lets keep one of the building blocks for this Nation in mind;

Now lets just take a look at Session's religion for a second;

Here are other verses from the same book used to justify suspending the Constitution (i.e. the separation of Church & State become, the State helping religious people discriminate because of a scriptural belief thus violating the Separation of Church & State);

(more such scripture listed here)

What law, based on scripture the Constitution is supposed to protect us from, will they pass next?

Note: Point in question is at 5:26;

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