Jan 26, 2017

No More Excuses & Flip-Flops ... Now We Get To See What Trump Really Believes!

Background: The Daily Show On Donald Trump - Part 20 (Trump Takes Flip Flopping To New Heights)

During the campaign Trump took every side he could making it impossible to tell what he believed. Some of his most cunning tricks appears to have been to make everyone think that they were lying to the others and telling the truth to thier group. For example: Both Traitor Hannity (Pro-9/11 Coverup) and Paranoid Schizophrenic Alex Jones (Anti 9/11 Coverup) believe Trump will do what THEY want i.e. Hannity wants to destroy the country with lies and Alex Jones wants an independent investigation into 9/11 (or did at one time).

Now is the moment of truth. Now we get to see what Trump really believes and really is like.

Or as Trevor Noah put it...

Song from this video clip;

THE INAUGURATION OF DONALD TRUMP JANUARY 20, 2017 - At Donald Trump's inauguration, the new president paints a bleak picture of America, and Michelle Obama's face betrays her feelings about the incoming first family. (8:39)

I would like to point that Trump swore an oath to protect the Constitution and already he seems to be renegading on that promise.

On Trump

Note: Part 27 is here.

9/11 History: The Case To Investigate Israel For Involvement In 9/11 (i.e. War Crimes Against The United States)

1. 9/11 History: The Strange 9/11 Commission Coverups
2. 9/11 History: Bush/Cheney Lied About The Link Between Iraq & 9/11... And When They Were Busted The Media Covered It Up! (Worse, Cheney Planned To Take The Iraqi Oil Fields BEFORE 9/11!!!)
3. May 26th 2004: A Debate On DEMOCRACY NOW On A New Book That Alleges The Bush Administration Was Behind The 9/11 Attacks
4. 9/11 History: Using 9/11 To Destroy The Constitution (A GOP Tradition For Over 30 Years!)
5. The Case For Ending Foreign Aid To Israel (One Of The Richest Countries In The World) 

Democracy Now: Report: Netanyahu Says 9/11 Has Been Good for Israel
The Israeli newspaper Ma’ariv has reported that Israel’s former Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has publicly said the September 11 attacks have been good for Israel. Netanyahu said, “We are benefiting from one thing, and that is the attack on the Twin Towers and Pentagon, and the American struggle in Iraq." Netanyahu then reportedly said that these events “swung American public opinion in our favor.” Netanyahu’s comments came during a conference at Bar Ilan University.

When investigating a crime we always look for who benefits from the crime.

After Bush & Cheney blew up three towers on 9/11 the rhetoric took a surprisingly crazy turn, demonizing Muslims (while ignoring their own scripture), attacking the constitution (in line with GOP tradition) and ignoring self reflection in favor of religious zeal (what the Constitution is supposed to protect us from) AND misleading the nation into a war... and all of this is good for Israel! Bad for our reputation as a Democracy, bad for us as a people, bad for our Constitution, but good for Israel.

i.e. THIS was GOOD for Israel... & it's pretty much how they run their country while saying something else publicly while they defy international law because they have become a Nation of Terrorists.... THIS was GOOD...

Democracy Now: Author and Social Critic Susan Faludi on "The Terror Dream: Fear and Fantasy in Post-9/11 America"

In her new book, leading social critic and Pulitzer-winning journalist Susan Faludi examines the cultural impact of the 9/11 attacks and concludes that the United States has been living in a myth since. She explores how the attacks led to the denigration of women here in the United States, the magnification of manly men and the call for greater domesticity. Faludi joins us to talk about the Bush administration’s use of feminism to launch the war on Afghanistan, the case of Private Jessica Lynch, the Republican "W. Stands for Women" campaign, and more. [includes rush transcript

Democracy Now: As Nation Marks Sixth 9/11 Anniversary, a Look at "Why America Is Losing the War on Terror"

Today marks the sixth anniversary of the 9/11 attacks that killed nearly 3,000 people. In the aftermath of the attacks, the Bush administration launched the so-called "war on terror." Is the world a safer place as a result? We speak with Georgetown law professor David Cole, co-author of "Less Safe, Less Free: Why America Is Losing the War on Terror." [includes rush transcript]

Daily Show on the "War On Terror"

Democracy Now: President Bush Admits Iraq Had No WMDs and 'Nothing' to Do With 9/11

On Monday, President Bush admitted that the Iraq war is "straining the psyche of our country." But he vowed to stay the course. A reporter questioned him about why he opposed withdrawing US troops from Iraq. In his answer, Bush admitted that Iraq had no weapons of mass destruction and had "nothing" to do with 9/11. [includes rush transcript]

Iraq War Highlighted

More in-depth look at possible Israeli involvement in committing 9/11 (i.e. war crimes - war against humanity)

Democracy Now: Cheering Movers and Art Student Spies: Was Israel Tracking the Hijackers Before the 9/11 Attacks?

A new article in the newsletter Counterpunch examines unresolved questions over whether Israeli agents were tracking the 9/11 hijackers before September 11. ABC’s 20/20, The Forward and Salon.com have all covered the story. But where’s the follow-up? We speak to the author of the article, Christopher Ketcham; Counterpunch editor Alexander Cockburn; and Marc Perelman, The Forward reporter who did one of the first reports on the story in 2002. [includes rush transcript]

JUAN GONZALEZ: With the Democrats in control of Congress for the first time in the Bush administration, the White House is finally being called to task on various aspects of the Iraq War—on the mishandling of billions in reconstruction dollars to the use of private military contractors. But there is no congressional oversight on another defining issue of the Bush presidency: 9/11. Questions remain over whether Israeli agents were tracking the 9/11 hijackers before September 11th? AMY GOODMAN: This one, we can’t claim is an exclusive. ABC’s 20/20 did this story. The Jewish newspaper, The Forward, also did it. Salon also covered the story. But where’s the follow-up? Freelance journalist Christopher Ketcham has just published a comprehensive piece on this story in the newsletter CounterPunch. The article highlights various interconnected stories: the five Israeli "movers" who witnesses say were cheering after the first plane struck the World Trade Center; the so-called Israeli art students who were living in concentrated areas where hijackers were living in the United States; and how two of the hijackers ended up on the watchlist weeks before 9/11.

InfoWars: Govt Insider Confirms Israel's Role In 9/11 Attacks!

Pieczenik says the Israelis, Saudis and neocons were behind the 9-11 attacks. Given evidence of Mossad’s checkered past and involvement with the attack of the USS Liberty on Jun. 8, 1967, killing 34 American soldiers, Pieczenik's comments won’t be received as a big surprise to many Americans. I want Netanyahu to “begin telling the truth, that the involvement of Israel was, in 9/11” says Pieczenik. “Over 134 Mossad operatives were picked up on 9/11. The FBI picked them up [and] debriefed them. They were clearly involved with the Pakistani ISI and Saudi Arabian intelligence” on 9/11. Help us spread the word about the liberty movement, we're reaching millions help us reach millions more. Share the free live video feed link with your friends & family: http://www.infowars.com/show

Alex Jones: 'Israel fingerprints all over 911' for those who say Jones is a Zionist


InfoWars: Israel, Saudi Arabia and 9/11

Alex Jones | 9/11 Hi-Jackers | Protected By MOSSAD

Alan Hart & Alex Jones 5/28/2010: 9/11, Israel, Mossad, Neo-Cons, Zionism is a Colonial Enterprise

On Israel

9/11 History

Jan 24, 2017

President Barack Obama’s Final News Conference (Full Video & Comments On Key Points About The Media)

Background: 1. Post-Truth Is The Word Of The Year But It's Just A Repeat Of "Truthiness" From 2006! Have We Entered An Echo Chamber Of Lies So Big We Can't Even Remember Exposing It?
Video from the NY Times: President Barack Obama’s Final News Conference (Full Video) | The New York Times


What I want to point out here is the conciliatory tone Obama has taken with the press that he himself has mentioned have created fake scandals (frankly, I think he's just glad to be done with this job).

Obama: But I have enjoyed working with all of you. That does not, of course, mean that I’ve enjoyed every story that you have filed, but that’s the point of this relationship. You’re not supposed to be (inaudible) fans, you’re supposed to be skeptics, you’re supposed to ask me tough questions. You’re not supposed to be complimentary, but you’re supposed to cast a critical eye on folks who hold enormous power and make sure that we are accountable to the people who sent us here, and you have done that.

Me: This is flattery at the least, lies at the most. The media has lied, created fake scandals, misdirected the public from important information etc. It's a nice thing to say but it's just not true in any sense of the words. (a list of links proving this are below)
And you have done it for the most part in ways that I could appreciate for fairness, even if I didn’t always agree with your conclusions. And having you in this building has made this place work better. It keeps us honest, it makes us work harder. You have made us think about how we are doing what we do and whether or not we’re able to deliver on what’s been requested by our constituents. And for example, every time you’ve asked why haven’t you cured Ebola yet or why is there still that hole in the Gulf, it has given me the ability to go back and say, “Will you get this solved before the next press conference?

Me: Media... fair? That really is a joke! Even Hillary lost because of the media's fake scandals (they just can't help themselves... since they haven't done real journalism - using all the facts - in decades they just create fake scandals non-stop... most call it "sensationalism"). What Obama should be doing is accusing them of treason (for Iraq war genocide for oil and 9/11) the fact that he won't... even when they messed up his own parties chances with bullsh*t is very interesting to me. But then I've never agreed with Obama on everything.

Related posts;
The following is accurate and in no way applies to our press (corporate media);
Obama: I spent a lot of time on my — in my farewell address talking about the state of our democracy. It goes without saying that essential to that is a free press. That is part of how this place, this country, this grand experiment of self-government has to work. It doesn’t work if we don’t have a well-informed citizenry, and you are the conduit through which they receive the information about what’s taking place in the halls of power.
So America needs you and our democracy needs you. We need you to establish a baseline of facts and evidence that we can use as a starting point for the kind of reasoned and informed debates that ultimately lead to progress. And so my hope is is that you will continue with the same tenacity that you showed us, to do the hard work of getting to the bottom of stories and getting them right and to push those of us in power to be the best version of ourselves and to push this country to be the best version of itself.
Obama: That’s probably the most useful constructive advice and the most constructive advice that I’ve been able to give him, that if you find yourself isolated because the process breaks down or if you’re only hearing from people who agree with you on everything ...

Sounds like that's straight from my post!

or if you haven’t created a process that is fact-checking and probing and asking hard questions about policies or promises that you’ve made, that’s when you start making mistakes.
And as I indicated in some of my previous remarks, reality has a way of biting back if you’re not paying attention to it.
I can agree with that... like the way the people who stalled the economy for 8 years now own the House & Senate because Obama decided to talk it out with a bunch of liars trying to cover-up their 9/11 coverup and subsequent coverups.

A description of normal politics;

Obama: So those are my priorities this year. But as I said before, I’m still a citizen. And I think it is important for Democrats or progressive who feel that they came out on the wrong side of this election to be able to distinguish between the normal back-and-forth, ebb-and-blow of policy. Now, are we going to raise taxes or are we going to lower taxes? Are we going to, you know, expand this program or eliminate this program? You know, how — how concerned are we about air pollution or climate change?
Those are all normal parts of the debate. And as I’ve said before, in a democracy sometimes you’re going to win on those issues and sometimes you’re going to lose. I’m confident about the rightness of my positions on a lot of these points, but we’ve got a new president and a Congress that are going to make their same determinations.
And there will be a back-and-forth in Congress around those issues. And you guys will report on all that.
But there’s a difference between that normal functioning of politics and certain issues or certain moments where I think our core values may be at stake. I put in that category if I saw systematic discrimination being ratified in some fashion. I put in that category explicit or functional obstacles to people being able to vote, to exercise their franchise.

OBAMA: I’d put in that category institutional efforts to silence dissent or the press. 

I would include in this the institutional efforts to silence Bernie Sanders, mislead the nation into war etc. Obviously, this is stuff the media won't mention since their institution/corporation/board did this and that's where they get their paycheck from... so they help them no matter what crimes they want covered up or what crap they want marketted for profit. Here is a list;

I SMASH Corporate Media!!!

Jan 23, 2017

Classic Cartoons: 4 Felix the Cat Animation Shorts (1936)

Felix the Cat: The Goose That Laid the Golden Egg (1936) - Felix's goose, who lays golden eggs, is goose-napped by none other than Captain Kidd. Felix saves the day. A nice swashbuckling cartoon. Produced in 1936.

Felix the Cat in Neptune Nonsense: Felix sets out to find a friend for his lonely goldfish. Along the way, he comes across the god of the sea.

Felix the Cat, Public Enemies 1 and 2:

Felix the Cat in Bold King Cole: Felix the Cat is perched in a tree playing his guitar and serenading himself and a canary with a little ditty called "Nature and Me." It is a beautiful day in cartoon-land but Mother Nature, perhaps not a music lover, whips up a lightning-laden thunderstorm and Felix is soon seeking shelter. He finds it at the castle of King Cole, a boastful, fabricating blow-hard. The King's ancestors, tired of hearing the braggart, come out of their pictures as ghostly specters and take the King to the dungeon and pump the gassy hot-air out of him.

Classic Animation (Cartoons)

Jan 22, 2017

Stephen Colbert: The GOP-Republicans Are Planning A Quite Attack On The Economy That Would Kill 3 Million Jobs And Cost 1.5 Trillion In Lost Economic Revenue.

1. How The GOP Rigged Republican Politics Like Dictators By Creating Districts Of ONLY Fox News Viewers That They Can Sell Their Lies To, To Get Support For Their Polices Based On Lies (i.e. It's A Con-Game... They Know Their Policies WILL Harm The People & The Nation, Thus They Have To Do This To Get Support For Their Lies)
3. The GOP have been destroying the economy & opposing their own bills JUST to oppose Obama!
4. If Steve King & House Republicans Are Like Jesus, Then What Must Jesus Have Been Like? A Look At Jesus Through Republican Eyes

Here you see the GOP hiding some important information from the public (& even passing a law to hide this essential information) to harm the country financially. Exposed by Stephen Colbert.

The Late Show with Stephen Colbert

Case in point;

i.e. Congress is hiding essential financial information for their own benefit being pushed through using a con (as explained in the first post on the background above)

Clearly Congress is up to no good. Why? ...

First off they use a false study to push their national budget talking point (but did it for political reasons both using the weak point of the South and actual debunked studies, like they did with women, i.e. it's a pattern)


John Stossel & The Fake Budget (Debt) Outcry

Lessons In Politics From The Republicans 7 - Use The "Debt Ceiling" To Hold The American Economy Hostage

Secondly, the GOP likes to rig their districts by making sure only the people who watch Fox (a Nazi like propaganda channel designed for treason) thus getting dictator like vote percentages (clearly being answerable to facts is passionately avoided)

 How The GOP Rigged Republican Politics Like Dictators By Creating Districts Of ONLY Fox News Viewers That They Can Sell Their Lies To, To Get Support For Their Polices Based On Lies (i.e. It's A Con-Game... They Know Their Policies WILL Harm The People & The Nation, Thus They Have To Do This To Get Support For Their Lies)

Thirdly, they lie and call a market based insurance plan - taken from a right wing think tank copying the approach used by Sweden or Switzerland (without taking into account how big pharma works in the States, such as excessive drug prices,... unless they own or are invested in them - or have donors from them) - "communism" and "socialism" which is just an offshoot of their Nazi like demonization campaign of liberals and "secular (Constitutional) America" in general, while they attack the economy (probably done as a distraction to continue their war on America);

Now they are passing a law - that they used their own media channels to convince thier "constituents" of - to cause major damage to the economy in terms of jobs & income lost and actual financial cost to the economy, i.e.;

In short, the GOP-Republicans are planning a quite attack on the economy that would kill 3 million jobs and 1.5 trillion in lost economic revenue.

Conclusion: America - & the world - is in big trouble if the GOP gets tier way.

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Treasonous Activities