Dec 23, 2016

"The War On Christmas"... Exposed! (The Colbert Edition)

1. The "War On Christmas"... Exposed!
2. "The War On Christmas" ... Exposed! (Part Deux)

BURRITOS HAPPY HOLIDAYS DECEMBER 7, 2005 - Stephen finds a blatant example of anti-Christmas secularism run amok. (4:47)

THE WORD - XMAS DECEMBER 5, 2005Wishing a non-believer "Merry Christmas" is no different than inviting a foreign exchange student to a Fourth of July barbeque (3:50) 

FOX NEWS'S "12 SCAMS OF CHRISTMAS" DECEMBER 19, 2013 - Fox News's Peter Johnson Jr. reminds viewers that Christmas is a time to be scared and angry. (3:51)

THE BLITZKRIEG ON GRINCHITUDE - DEPARTMENT STORE CUTBACKS & GUN-FILLED CHRISTMAS DECEMBER 15, 2011 - Department stores stop offering free gift wrapping, Santa lowers kids' expectations, and Arizona families fight the war on Christmas, fully armed. (5:45)

SANTA CLAUS ETHNICITY DEBATE DECEMBER 18, 2013 - As the dispute over Santa's skin color continues, the Germans argue that Father Christmas belongs to them. (2:53)

SANTA CLAUS ETHNICITY DEBATE - HANS BEINHOLTZ DECEMBER 18, 2013 - Hans Beinholtz explains the traditional German perception of Father Christmas. (3:08) 

THE REAL CHRISTMAS DECEMBER 12, 2005 - Stephen knows what Christmas is really about: fire, bull testicles, shoe-fruit and black elves. (3:35)

MERRY CHRISTMAS JANUARY 9, 2006 - Relieved that Christmas was saved this year, Stephen salutes the heroes who are brave enough to say "Merry Christmas" all year round. (1:00)


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