Dec 15, 2016

The Daily Show Does CNN - Part 19 (2008)

MOMENT OF ZEN - JOHN ROBERTS JULY 30, 2008 - John Roberts was a DJ in 1986 before he became an anchor on CNN. (0:13)

MOMENT OF ZEN - HIGHWAY TO THE DANGER ZONE OCTOBER 2, 2008 - CNN plays "Highway to the Danger Zone" as the stage is prepared for the vice presidential debate. (0:18)

INTRO - BLITZER SMELL OCTOBER 27, 2008 - Jon wants CNN's Campbell Brown to tell him how to get the Blitzer smell out of his clothes. (0:26)

MOMENT OF ZEN - CNN HOLOGRAM NOVEMBER 5, 2008 - appears on CNN via hologram. (0:12)

CNN'S MAGIC WALL CONSPIRACY THRILLER NOVEMBER 18, 2008 - John Oliver must run before John King finds out he knows too much about CNN's magic touch screen. (5:59)

The Daily Show Does CNN

I SMASH Corporate Media!!!

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