Dec 8, 2016

Linking Fox News With The Rest Of Cable News: Why Is No One In Corporate Media Calling Dylan Roof A Right Wing Terrorist? Clearly, Only Muslims Can Be Called Terrorists. (Till Now Fox News Has Been Avoiding The Story Altogether!)


Media's willingness to call Muslims terrorists and unwillingness to call anyone else terrorists no matter how well they fit with the FBI's official definition of terrorism is so wrong I just don't have words for it anymore. I've documented it in detail (as you can see in the links below), so this would be the beginning of round 2.

Defense: Guilty verdict for Dylann Roof expected Thomas Roberts speaks with NBC News' Mariana Atencio and veteran prosecutor Paul Henderson about the Dylann Roof trial underway in Charleston, South Carolina on Wednesday.

Fox News have been ignoring the Dylan Roof story they way they covered up (or confused/muddied the issue of) the results of a fake news story from one of their allies (though the fact that they do this sort of murder through rhetoric themselves was ignored by the "mainstream media") making the news a joke.

Fox Continues To Downplay Fake News And Its Dangerous Consequences Fox News Spent Just Two Minutes On A Gunman Storming A Pizzeria As A Result Of Online Conspiracies

Fox News barely covered news of an armed man who fired off shots in a Washington, D.C., pizzeria in an effort, he said, to “self-investigate” a fake news report. The network’s dismissal of the story -- which got plenty of coverage on other cable networks and broadcast nightly newscasts -- fits into an overall conservative media approach in which some outlets discount the problem fake news poses while some actually push the false stories, despite their dangerous consequences.
On December 4, a man was arrested after he walked into Comet, a D.C. pizzeria, with an assault rifle and, according to The Washington Post, fired “one or more shots.” The Post reported that the man “had come to the restaurant to ‘self-investigate’” a fake news item claiming that former Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton and her aides were engaging in illegal sex trafficking at the pizzeria. As The Daily Beast noted, “The fake news began proliferating on websites like 4chan and Reddit, especially a Reddit forum frequented by Trump supporters and the alt-right.” The bogus claim eventually made its way to to Alex Jones, an ally of President-elect Donald Trump and a conspiracy theorist, and his website Infowars.
The day after the conflict, Fox News didn’t mention the event until 6:30 p.m., and then it addressed the topic only glancingly, devoting no more than two minutes over three brief mentions to explain what happened at the pizzeria or how fake news inspired it. Rather than investigating how fake news led to the armed incident, Fox host Tucker Carlson used a brief mention to kick off a segment that attempted to delegitimize the idea of fake news. Carlson’s takeaway from the armed invasion was that “it’s convinced many on the left that the speech they disagree with on the internet, which they’re calling now ‘fake news,’ should be actively suppressed by the authorities.” Carlson’s guest, Washington Free Beacon writer Bill McMorris, described fake news as “whatever people living in the liberal bubble determine to be believed by the right,” and suggested that The New York Times’ reporting on a possible surge in Hispanic voters should be considered fake news.

Politico's Glenn Thrush: Why Isn't Facebook Banning Groups That "Knowingly Push False And Hateful Contents?" Thrush: Why Aren't Social Media Groups "Coming Up With A More Serious Strategy For Either Labeling Or Banning Groups That Knowingly Push False And Hateful Content?"

You mean like Fox News? Well, there is free speech. What we should be doing is challenging Fox News on every lie. Silence only helps them.

On The Bill Press Show, Media Matters President Angelo Carusone Highlights The Fake News Cycle Of Misinformation

ANGELO CARUSONE: The mission remains the same, but the way that we carry out will be different. And that's always the case especially if you are 12 years old. We should always be adapting. And I think that over the course of our history what we’ve done is look at places, or individuals, that are influential in the information ecosystem. And that are part of really amplifying and weaponizing conservative misinformation. And sometimes in the past that’s been Rush Limbaugh, there was a period where Glenn Beck was a big part of that, and Fox News was a part of that, but Fox News was really a big focus not just because they had a bent and because they were so biased and deceitful but because of where they fit in the landscape, what we’ve found is that a lot of them, this fake news stuff, that everybody is talking about we've been monitoring this for years. It’s not new.
The difference is, is that it no longer has to work its way up the food chain in order to reach a wide audience. Previously, you'd have to send it to the send it to the right-wing blogosphere, these message boards, but eventually it would make it’s way on [Fox News Channel's] Fox & Friends, and then they would talk about it on every show on Fox News. And eventually the rest of the media would start to pick up on these things. And that’s how it infected our conversation. Whereas now that stuff doesn't need Fox News as the gatekeeper in order to get access to a wide audience, they can just distribute it themselves because of the way consumption habits of change and technologies. So what we need to do is recognize where the gatekeepers are, who the bad actors are, and adjust our monitoring and our work accordingly so we can neutralize its effects, or stop it from really being amplified.
PRESS: And doesn't Comet Pizza prove your point?
CARUSONE: Totally.
PRESS: I mean this did not start on Fox & Friends, right? This never made it, I believe, to the mainstream media.
CARUSONE: No, in fact and it's a perfect example, of how these organizing systems works. Because what happened is there were media platforms, some of which are allied with Trump's campaign and now his incoming administration --
PRESS: Like Alex Jones
CARUSONE: Like Alex Jones, and what they do is they would do is they would occasionally talk about this. But really this story was on 4chan, which is an extremist message board. Where a lot of white nationalists organize and other bad actors --
PRESS: What's it called?
CARUSONE: 4chan. It's a basically a community with no rules. And it provides total anonymity, and they self organize there. And they move to places like Reddit and Twitter. There is a community on Reddit called "The Donald" which is where all of these conspiracies sort of percolate as well as Alex Jones. Alex Jones talks about it, these communities then go back, they spend a week churning out these conspiracies. And the cycle continues and this exactly what we saw here is that they were building this story for months. It was really getting a lot of traction online. So for most of America, this was a brand new thing, but for a lot of people who overlap with Trump’s core and mostfervent supporters this has been a story they’ve been talking about for months actually. This was nothing new for them.

Instead Fox News is focusing on Muslims in a manner that's so hypocritical it's shocking the media isn't exposing it... but they haven't since 9/11. Muslims in America are the Jews of Nazi Germany.

Kelly File Demonstrates The Double Standard On The Label "Terrorism" And How It Only Applies To A Particular Religion Than Anything Else (Which Is Hypocrisy Of The Most Profound Kind)

Kelly File: Terror response plan under President-elect Trump examined;


MEGYN KELLY, HOST: Breaking tonight, new indications an attack on one of America's largest universities may have been the work of a jihadist with the top Democrat on the House Intelligence Committee suggesting this bears all of the hallmarks of terrorism.

This is funny because it very easy to disprove.

The Fox News Double Standard On Terrorism

DEPUTY CHIEF CRAIG STONE, THE OHIO STATE UNIVERSITY POLICE: Based upon common knowledge, this was done on purpose, to go over the curve and strike pedestrians, and then get out and start striking them with a knife. That was on purpose.  (END VIDEO CLIP)
That's what criminals do;

TOBIN: Now Bowers also says he heard Officer Alan Horujko give several commands to the attacker before Artan lounged at the officer and the fatal shots were fired. Officer Horujko has been given a lot of critic tonight with preventing further bloodshed. Now law enforcement sources tell Fox News that they're looking at a Facebook post from earlier in the day, possibly linked to Artan in which a decoration is made against what is described as unfair treatment of Muslims and that's being looked at as a possible link to a motive -- Megyn.  

Unfair treatment of Muslims? I got a ton of proof of that! I bet the Jews claimed they were being treated unfairly before the Nazi's decided to drop all pretense of thier real agenda.

The Fox News Double Standard On Terrorism

REP. PETER KING (R), NEW YORK, HOMELAND SECURITY COMMITTEE: I believe it's all of the indicators of terrorism and I would be surprised if it's not.  Obviously we can't make the final conclusion. But everything is there, the Somali refugee, the type of attack, hitting people in his vehicle, using the knife. This is shortly after the President announced that Al-Shabaab which is based on Somalia is going to be declared a terrorist organization, right after ISIS encouraged people to use vehicle to crash into crowds and to use knives as a weapon as opposed to a gun. So, all of the indicators are there. Again, if I had to bet, I would say yes and there's a real problem with the Somali community as far as having a large number of Al- Shabaab supporters.  

RADICAL MUSLIM HEARINGS MARCH 10, 2011 - Peter King ironically launches hearings to investigate American Muslims while defending his ties to the IRA. (3:33)

PETER KING UNDERSTANDS VIOLENT RADICALISM MARCH 10, 2011 - Tennessee fights back against Sharia law, and Peter King holds a hearing to investigate radical American Muslims. (3:31)

KELLY: How does that change this then, Congressman if that's the way things are leaning. And even your Democratic counterpart is suggesting that they believe this is terror, that this has the hallmarks of terrorism.  How does that change the investigation right now?
Here Megyn Kelly is following the standard policy of the GOP's Nazi-like rhetoric;

KELLY: Right. Of course, but the question was, whether we overstepped our bounds when it comes to people's civil liberties. And it depends on where the country is in terms of war footing or whether the people are extraordinarily scared. And you've both lived through that Congressman Peter King, you especially as a congressman from Long Island and having known many of the victims on 9/11. But the question is, how far could we go? Because as far as we know, so far this guy had not been on the radar, there was no reason to question whether he might be a terrorist. And so, this could be one of the needles in the haystack type situations where the FBI can't really racially profile or religiously profile every Somali who comes into the country. 

What we have here is using - the un-investigated - 9/11 to unfairly discriminate against a minority the way the Nazi's did to the Jews.

Political Issues

Daily Show on 9/11 & It's Effects

Given all the Nazi-like behavior (lies/decoys/coverups etc) it's not just amazing that there is no counter attack in the media it's downright criminal (or they are just cowards like I've outlined before) and is easy to see in this collection of past post links;

Rachel Maddow VS Fox News

Anyways, with all the well documented lies the "mainstream media" has been doing what I said thy would do... focusing on running away and not going after the SOURCE of the lies, Fox News. 

Lessons In Propaganda From Fox News

Here is an interesting phenomenon that the whole of "mainstream/left media" takes part in (besides their help in discriminating against their favorite evil minority group), blaming Trump for listening to Fox News while never challenging Fox New sin the first place (as if Trump can be a part of the 50% of the country that believes made up news)

CNN Panel Highlights “How Far Fake News Can Go" When Amplified By People Like Trump Adviser Michael Flynn Abby Phillip: "We Have People With Actual Prominence Disseminating This Information"
CHRIS CUOMO (CO-HOST): You’re not going to persuade a guy who wants to go with an assault rifle into a pizzeria to self-investigate. By the way, you can dismiss that as bad English, Abby, I don’t think it is. I think it’s speaking to his state of mind, which is, I don’t believe. They’re all lying to me. I will investigate. And that’s where he comes up with something silly, like self-investigate.
ABBY PHILLIP: The difference between a conspiracy theory and clippings in a newspaper in a paper bag is that we have people with actual prominence disseminating this information. To me, that’s been the most damaging thing about this cycle is seeing how far fake news can go being propelled by people with status and who should know better. Including --

Here is an old pro-Trump link collection of mine that shows the media's hypocrisy when it comes to Fox News (clearly they are helping each other while acting like they are opponents or  competitors... Time Warner - owner of CNN - has GOP on it's board and the pattern of allowing Fox News to lie unchallenged on a daily basis only makes sense if they are either cowards or in bed with Fox News and always have been...well, at least for 15 years);

A "Study" Of The Media's Amnesia About Itself

Lyin Media

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