Dec 15, 2016

Lessons In Republican Politics 9 - Demonize Muslims

1. A Sampling Of Biblical Scripture
2. Dylann Roof's Racist Manifesto That Sounds Remarkably Like GOP & Fox News Talking Points 
3. If Fake News Is Domestic Terrorism (& It Is, I.E. "Propaganda") Then Fox News Are Domestic Terrorists

PETER KING UNDERSTANDS VIOLENT RADICALISM MARCH 10, 2011 - Tennessee fights back against Sharia law, and Peter King holds a hearing to investigate radical American Muslims. (3:31)

RADICAL MUSLIM HEARINGS MARCH 10, 2011 - Peter King ironically launches hearings to investigate American Muslims while defending his ties to the IRA. (3:33)

NORWEGIAN MUSLISH GUNMAN'S ISLAM-ESQUE ATROCITY JULY 25, 2011 - Just because Norway's confessed murderer is a blond, blue-eyed, Norwegian-born, anti-Muslim crusader doesn't mean he's not a swarthy, ululating madman. (5:09)

ISLAMOPHOBIAPALOOZA SEPTEMBER 13, 2010 - Terry Jones heeds God's call to not burn Korans, and Imam Rauf's reasonable answers sound like a threat to Fox News. (8:55)

5 X FIVE - COLBERT ON RELIGION - Stephen explores Islam, from eating falafel during Ramadan to declaring that a Muslim reality show is too normal. (3:22)

EVEN STEVPHEN - ISLAM VS. CHRISTIANITY MAY 29, 2003 - Can the world's two largest monotheistic faiths exist without tearing each other to shreds? (4:37) 

TENNESSEE NO EVIL AUGUST 25, 2010 - Aasif Mandvi worries that a few good apples at an Islamic center in Murfreesboro, TN could ruin it for the rest of the terrorists. (10:36)

RADICAL MUSLIM HEARINGS - IRA TERRORISM MARCH 10, 2011 - John Oliver acknowledges that the IRA killed innocent civilians, but it's not terrorism if it didn't happen in the United States. (2:57)

DALIA MOGAHED - UNDERSTANDING AMERICAN MUSLIMS AND THE MEDIA'S COVERAGE OF TERRORISM JANUARY 7, 2016 - Director of Research at the Institute for Social Policy and Understanding Dalia Mogahed weighs in on how the media talks about terrorism. (6:12)

A few related articles on Media Matters;

After Terror Attacks, Fox News Brings On Anti-Muslim Fearmongers To Push Lies And Anti-Refugee Rhetoric

On CNN, Reza Aslan Schools Trump Surrogate On The Bigoted Nature Of Trump's Proposed Muslim Ban

Internment Camp Survivor George Takei Warns That Trump’s Muslim Registry Is “A Prelude To Internment”

On CNN, Reza Aslan Explains How The Media Is Failing In Its Reporting On Islam Aslan: "This Is The Problem ... We Are Using Two Or Three Examples To Justify A Generalization, That's Actually The Definition Of Bigotry"

President Obama Dismantles Every Conservative Talking Point About "Radical Islam" And Political Correctness Obama: "Calling A Threat By A Different Name Does Not Make It Go Away. This Is A Political Distraction"

Sean Hannity Speculates That Kaepernick Protested National Anthem Because "He Might Have Converted To Islam" Hannity: "I've Never Been Able To Confirm This ... Who Gave Me This Article Today? I Don't Even Know Where I Got It"

There's a price to pay for jettisoning your principles in search of money and ratings. After months of serving as the Donald Trump Network, Fox News lost its position as the leader in cable news for the first time in 14 years. 

When Fox News Didn't Blame the (GOP) President for Beheadings: "In 2004...Bush's name was often never even mentioned. He was a non-player in the story. But today, the beheadings revolve around Obama." 

Fox's Lou Dobbs lashes out at zombie nativity: "If you're going to mock a religion, choose Islam" 

The Koch Brothers Are Using Fox News Employees As Campaigners 

Lessons In Politics From The Republicans

Analyzing Fox News Rhetoric & "Conservatism"

The Fox News Double Standard On Terrorism

Fox News

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