Dec 8, 2016

Lessons In Propaganda From Fox News 3 - Find A Minority Group To Demonize Like The Nazi's Did To The Jews

Historical context from How Stuff WorksUsing Jews as the scapegoat, Hitler and his cronies orchestrated what they called "the big lie." This theory states that no matter how big the lie is (or more precisely, because it's so big), people will believe it if you repeat it enough. Everyone tells small lies, Hitler reasoned, but few have the guts to tell colossal lies [source: Hoffer]. Because a big lie is so unlikely, people will come to accept it.

IN THE NAME OF THE FODDER JULY 27, 2011 - The Fox News rapid-response team distinguishes violence in the name of a religion from the practitioners of that religion -- as long as it's Christianity. (5:17)

It gets better...

O'Reilly declares... "Andre is not Christian as you don't kill in that faith"

Yet... from Andre: "Considering the fact that my martyrdom operation draws ever closer I decided to bring one to enjoy with my extended family at our annual Christmas party in December."

THE CONDEMNOLOGISTS JANUARY 12, 2015 - Following an insensitive tweet from Rupert Murdoch about Muslims, Jason Jones, Jessica Williams and Hasan Minhaj condemn those responsible for the Charlie Hebdo attack. (5:41)

MUSLIMS IN THE END ZONE SEPTEMBER 30, 2014 - The NFL penalizes the Kansas City Chiefs' Husain Abdullah for saying a Muslim prayer in the end zone. (4:27)

GROUND ZERO MOSQUE-ERADE DECEMBER 12, 2012 - With no juicy stories to get angry about, Fox News pulls out the emergency Muslims and criticizes their lack of community programming. (3:22)

MOSQUE-ERADE AUGUST 16, 2010 - John Oliver says Muslims are allowed to put a mosque near Ground Zero, just like Catholics can build a church next to a playground. (9:05)

THE WORD - WEAPON OF MASS CONSTRUCTION AUGUST 12, 2010 - If Muslims really need to get together, they can meet at a camp or a compound out in the wilderness. (4:16)

RADICAL MUSLIM HEARINGS MARCH 10, 2011 - Peter King ironically launches hearings to investigate American Muslims while defending his ties to the IRA. (3:33)

PETER KING UNDERSTANDS VIOLENT RADICALISM MARCH 10, 2011 - Tennessee fights back against Sharia law, and Peter King holds a hearing to investigate radical American Muslims. (3:31)

MOMENT OF ZEN - THE FINANCIAL REPERCUSSIONS OF TERROR APRIL 22, 2013 - In a time of crisis, put yourself in the shoes of a big-time financial trader. (0:20)

A Rare Apology (they should be apologizing after every show): FOX NEWS APOLOGIES - OUR BAD TUESDAY, JANUARY 20, 2015 01/20/2015 Fox News was forced to apologize for an absurd falsehood made on air, so Jonah Ray, Ben Kronberg and Ali Wong come up with other corrections the network should issue. (1:28)

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Basically by leaving out essential information and pretending that the horrible thing they are talking about is solely a Muslim thing & not a remnant from an ancient & more barbaric past only practiced by the uneducated with such a CULTURAL tradition, they smear the religion as "barbaric" or "savage"

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