Dec 5, 2016

Lessons In Propaganda From Fox News 1 - Attack The Poor On Welfare While Helping The Rich Get Welfare

CHAOS ON BULLS**T MOUNTAIN - THE ENTITLEMENT SOCIETY SEPTEMBER 19, 2012 Fox News argues enough is enough with Obama's "entitlement society," but not for welfare queens like ExxonMobil, AT&T and GE, which live off the government dole. (3:55)

THE CASE AGAINST CHARITY - BILL O'REILLY & JOHN STOSSEL DECEMBER 9, 2013 - Bill O'Reilly claims that Jesus wouldn't support food stamps, and John Stossel goes undercover to prove that the homeless are no-good scammers. (6:32)

FOX NEWS WELFARE ACADEMY MARCH 13, 2014 - Fox News resorts to hyperbole and anecdotal evidence to educate the public about food stamp fraud. (4:58)

APOCALYPSE COW - WELFARE RANCHER APRIL 21, 2014 - In a surprising move, Sean Hannity comes to the defense of Cliven Bundy, an anarchic Nevada rancher determined to trespass on federal land to feed his cattle. (4:30)

THE WELFARE RANCHER ON THE MERITS OF SLAVERY APRIL 24, 2014 - Right-wing hero Cliven Bundy shares his disturbing thoughts on African Americans, and CNN gets prematurely excited about potential debris from Malaysia Airlines Flight 370. (3:53)

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