Dec 31, 2016

Israeli Government Is Clearly Using A Post 9/11 Bush Era Tactic That Media Still Uses Today!

Background (includes information corporate media leaves out of their "news");
1. News On The Israeli Settlement Crisis
2. Bernie Sanders On How Corporate Media Is A Threat to Democracy (With An Explanation On How & Why They Covered Up Bernie ... AND How They Continue To Cover-up Their Coverup)
3. Israeli Soldiers Talk About The Genocidal Policies (Indiscriminate Killing) Of Their Government & Military
4. Crony Capitalism Visualized

Here you get to see an interesting con by Jake Trapper of CNN (all of CNN does this as other media, he's just one of many). Notice how ALL the facts above are ignored in favor of a sham "debate", probably to give Fox News a chance to deceive the people with it's more passionate lies (there is no other explanation for such a factless debate);

Israel plans more settlements Situation Room CNN's Jake Tapper talks to Naftali Bennett, Israel's Minister of Education, about Israel's plans for future settlement construction.


 24 secs: Israeli liar claims US is divorced from reality. Stuff he left out;

On Israel

27 secs: He left out everything that comes under the heading of "facts" i.e. the fact the Iraq was for oil and that Dick Cheney knew destabilizing Iraq would be bad and that this destabilization led to ISIS etc. (in other words,  he's talking like a post 9/11 GOP politician). In detail;

Media's Iraq War Coverup In A Nutshell

36 secs: Claims Israel is a free democracy despite all the instances of civil liberties falling away like a Bush Administration

43 secs: 'We are fighting against radical Islamic terror' (i.e. they are invoking the same tactics as Cheney's post 9/11 "War On Terror" which gives more credence to the conspiracy theory that Israel was involved in the 9/11 attacks by Cheney on the United States on 9/11). The tactic he/Israel is using is outline din these posts;

The "Real News" Media's Double Standard On Terrorism 

The guy being interviewed is using GOP tactics like they are the same party!

GOP Politics

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