Dec 5, 2016

How Fine Words & Noble Phrases Can Lead To A Despotism/Tyranny/Dictatorship/Communism.

This post is just to highlight something very important that seems to have gotten lost in public debate.

Despotism (1946 Encyclopedia Britannica educational film)

Screenshots of the point I'm trying to make;

Then the analyst goes into the mechanics of how to determine where any society is in its evolution/development. I have done two write up's on this. One is here (on this blog) and the other on my main page of Liberal Libertarianism .org. The point I want to make here is that being overly nice or even patriotic - about a symbol over the human beings the Constitution/laws are designed to protect - is a weakness where a despotism/tyranny/dictatorship take take root (as making objects more important than people is a slippery path that religion is often/commonly susceptible to and what the Constitution protects us from with it's first amendment). Always remember: Throughout history, dictators (Hitler/Caesar etc) have come to power in an election. That's why the lessons of this video are so important.

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