Dec 14, 2016

Daily Show On Bill O Reilly: 2015-16

MOMENT OF ZEN - DOWN AT THE RECORD SHOP FEBRUARY 24, 2015 - In a CBS News report from 1979, Bill O'Reilly covers the launch of pop singer Rex Smith's new album. (0:34)

O'BLIVIOUS - BILL O'REILLY'S ALL-WHITE DEBATE ON RACISM JUNE 24, 2015 -  "The O'Reilly Factor" host Bill O'Reilly invites two white women onto his show to discuss racism in America, and Larry helpfully injects himself into the debate. (6:11)

MOMENT OF ZEN - JON'S FINAL SHOW REMINDER & UNFORTUNATE SHARK STORIES JULY 27, 2015 - Jon explains how to win tickets to his final taping, and Bill O'Reilly uncomfortably transitions from "Sharknado 3" to a harrowing story about an real shark attack. (1:23)

BILL O'REILLY'S RACIST TATTOO FANTASY - PREACHER LARRY FIRES BACK APRIL 19, 2016 - Larry preaches some truth to Bill O'Reilly after the Fox News host doubles down on his assertion that many African Americans are wearing tattoos on their foreheads. (4:32)

#HASHITOUT WITH FRANCHESCA RAMSEY - BILL O'REILLY WATERS DOWN WHITE HOUSE SLAVERY JULY 27, 2016 - Fox News's Bill O'Reilly takes issue with Michelle Obama's statement that slaves built the White House, and Franchesca Ramsey sets the record straight. (4:26)

PARDON THE INTEGRATION - BILL O'REILLY LOOKS ON THE BRIGHT SIDE OF SLAVERY JULY 28, 2016 - Pundits Mike Yard and Rory Albanese square off about Bill O'Reilly's ongoing effort to find the silver lining in slavery. (3:58)

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