Dec 4, 2016

Daily Show On Bill O Reilly: 2011-12 (Strange Decoys)

WISCONSIN PRANK CALL BILL MARCH 2, 2011 - Bill O'Reilly shows violent footage while talking about the peaceful Wisconsin teachers' union protests, and Republicans sponsor a bill that will prohibit prank calls. (4:23)

TALES OF PRINCIPLED BEHAVIOR - OBAMA BIRTH CERTIFICATE MYSTERY APRIL 13, 2011 - Donald Trump pays birth certificate researchers in Hawaii, Michele Bachmann takes Obama at his word, and Bill O'Reilly turns into a liberal. (5:04)

BILL O'REILLY'S "PINHEADS & PATRIOTS" OCTOBER 20, 2011 - Bill O'Reilly supports America's troops by sending them what they need most on the battlefield: his book. (3:14)

MOMENT OF ZEN - SHRIMP FOR BILL O'REILLY APRIL 5, 2012 - Karl Rove thinks Bill O'Reilly deserves good shrimp. (0:17)

GSA-HOLES - CAN YOU MAKE BILL O'REILLY PAY $4.00 FOR A SHRIMP? APRIL 5, 2012 - Bill O'Reilly makes a rash pronouncement in response to the General Services Administration's exorbitant conference spending, but can Jon change his mind? (4:04)

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