Dec 25, 2016

Christmas Special: Stephen Colbert On Christmas - Part 6

A CHRISTMAS MEMORY DECEMBER 21, 2000 - Stephen Colbert shares a special memory of his big break in the news business: a Christmas Party at Tom Brokaw's place with a very short guest list. (0:39)

THE BLITZKRIEG ON GRINCHITUDE - HALLMARK & KRAMPUS DECEMBER 9, 2009 - Hallmark encourages people to buy greeting cards instead of presents, and the Christmas Krampus visits Stephen. (4:35)

THE IN-BOX - CUSTOM STAMPS DECEMBER 12, 2005 - With the variety of Christmas stamps dwindling, Stephen recommends the use of customized photo stamps. (2:31)

PASSOVER COMMERCIALISM MARCH 29, 2010 Jewish families embrace the Christmas spirit of commercialism with "Jewpardy" and the Ten Plagues Finger Puppets. (4:24)

THE BLITZKRIEG ON GRINCHITUDE - ATHEIST BILLBOARD & CAPITOL CHRISTMAS TREE DECEMBER 2, 2010 Atheists attack religion outside the Lincoln Tunnel, and the official Capitol Christmas Tree has a Twitter account. (4:53)

BLITZKRIEG ON GRINCHITUDE - BULLET-CATCHING CHRISTMAS TREE DECEMBER 2, 2013 A Christmas tree bravely puts itself in the line of fire for a Pennsylvania family. (2:46)


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