Dec 25, 2016

Christmas Special: Stephen Colbert On Christmas - Part 5

CRAZIEST F#?KING THING I'VE EVER HEARD - FIR TREE LUNG APRIL 27, 2009 - Christmas trees are supposed to warm the cockles of our hearts, not infest the alveoli of our lungs. (1:43)

TIP/WAG - JOHN YARMUTH'S HOLIDAY CARD JANUARY 26, 2009 Stephen tips his hat to John Yarmuth for his kittenless Christmas card. (3:55)

THE WORD - THE UNBEARABLE LIGHTNESS OF SUPREME BEING DECEMBER 11, 2008 - Christmas really burns atheists up, which they can think of as a preview of their afterlife. (7:22)

BLITZKRIEG ON GRINCHITUDE - SANTA'S PIPE NOVEMBER 12, 2012 - Anti-smoking activist Pamela McColl edits out two verses in "T'was the Night Before Christmas," but Santa needs his vice to unwind. (2:59)

THE BLITZKRIEG ON GRINCHITUDE - FIRED SANTA CLAUS & COLBERT SUPER PAC CHRISTMAS NOVEMBER 8, 2011 - New York bureaucrats stick their budget-cutting knives right into Santa's bowlful of jelly, but the Colbert Super PAC makes things right. (3:27)


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