Dec 25, 2016

Christmas Special: Stephen Colbert On Christmas - Part 3

STEPHEN JR. ON CHRISTMAS EVE JANUARY 12, 2009 - Stephen Jr. is spotted on Christmas eve getting ready to fly around the world delivering the gift of yuletide joy and rodent parts. (2:35)

STEPHEN JR.'S CHRISTMAS MIRACLE DECEMBER 13, 2006 - Despite a solar power snafu, Stephen Jr. has been located -- unfortunately in Canada. (4:36)

THE WHITE CHRISTMAS ALBUM DECEMBER 11, 2006 - Look, John Lennon, keep your hippie politics out of Stephen's Christmas carols. (1:15)

BLITZKRIEG ON GRINCHITUDE - MISTLETOE DRONES DECEMBER 2, 2014 T.G.I. Friday's finds a way to weaponize Christmas cheer with the aid of mistletoe-equipped drones. (3:47)

TIP/WAG - ALL WAG CHRISTMAS EDITION DECEMBER 1, 2008 - Stephen always thought any card that was blank inside was atheist, but one un-American greeting card company goes a step further. (4:48)


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