Dec 25, 2016

Christmas Special: Stephen Colbert On Christmas - Part 1

5 X FIVE - COLBERT HOLIDAYS: CHRISTMAS 11/25/2013 Stephen quenches his thirst with eggnog and is offended when the Capitol Building takes "Christ" out of "Christmas tree." (5:24)

CHRISTMAS SPECIAL DVD WARNING NOVEMBER 20, 2008 - THOMAS FRIEDMAN 11/20/2008 "A Colbert Christmas" DVD is fun for the whole family once you get past the goat sodomy. (1:32)

CHRISTMAS PRESENTS DECEMBER 9, 1999 - Stephen Colbert counts down the 10 hottest Christmas presents of the season, which are mostly made up of his personal junk. (4:35)

THREATDOWN - CHRISTMAS STYLE DECEMBER 11, 2006 - Stephen defends Christmas by announcing its five biggest threats. (3:35)

MOVIES THAT ARE DESTROYING AMERICA - CHRISTMAS DECEMBER 8, 2005 - Stephen recommends "Brokeback Mountain" for the family, but takes serious issue with "The Family Stone" and "The Chronicles of Narnia." (3:38)


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