Dec 25, 2016

Christmas Special: Jon Stewart On Christmas

EXCLUSIVE - BEST CHRISTMAS MOMENTS 12/15/2008 Jon and the correspondents cover everything Yuletide from the War on Christmas to a Santa-off. (5:35)

CHRISTMAS 2000 - CHRISTMAS WORLD NEWS DECEMBER 19, 2000 - All around the world, it's the Christmas season; all around the world, news happens. (2:51)

O HOLY FIGHT - A JEWISH CHRISTMAS CAROL DECEMBER 12, 2012The Best F#@king News Team Ever reveals an alternate future where Jon didn't grow up as the weird Jewish kid on Christmas. (6:15)

DREIDEL, DREIDEL APRIL 7, 2008 - Jon receives an unusual toy and wonders how it didn't take over Christmas. (0:38)

ON TOPIC - FIRST AMENDMENT - FREEDOM OF RELIGION, SPEECH AND THE PRESS 07/04/2011 Jon examines who's really protected by the First Amendment, what religious freedom means to people who fear Islam and John Oliver's issues with Jews and Christmas. (3:44)

NEWS 4 KIDS - CHRISTMAS 4 KIDS DECEMBER 20, 1999 - As everyone knows, there is no Santa and all letters to him are distributed equally amongst television shows and prisons. (3:15)

MOMENT OF ZEN - LOCKED ON SANTA DECEMBER 4, 2013 - NORAD sends fighter squadrons after Father Christmas. (0:22)


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