Sep 4, 2016

The Daily Show On The Iraq War 6 - 2003 Continues

Part 5: The Daily Show On The Iraq War 5 - 2003 Continues

Part 6...

MESS O'POTAMIA - HEIR JUNE 10, 2003 Iraq has been under the autocratic rule of one man for decades, so it stands to reason the government Iraqis most want to replace him with is a monarchy. (3:29)

MOMENT OF ZEN - RIBBON CEREMONY JUNE 10, 2003 - Ambassador Paul Bremer helps an Iraqi cut the ribbon for the opening of the City Hall complex in Baghdad. (0:08)

FOOL BRITANNIA JULY 10, 2003 - Tony Blair takes heat for his pre-war statements about Iraqi weapons in a no holds barred bitch-fest known as the British Parliament. (2:12)

RATIONALIZATION: IRAQI FREEDOM JULY 24, 2003 - The White House attempts to provide more evidence for invading Iraq after the fact, including a special videotaped ghost story. (2:08)

The series so far...

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