Sep 15, 2016

The Daily Show On Donald Trump - Part 7 (Trump Quits The Race for President)

Part 6: The Daily Show On Donald Trump - Part 6 (Trump Courts Republican Voters - 2011)

Part 7; Trumps quits the race for President...

MOMENT OF ZEN - DONALD TRUMP MAKES HIS DECISION MAY 17, 2011 - As much as he'd like to, Donald Trump will not be running for president. (0:14)

NEWT GINGRICH & DONALD TRUMP ANNOUNCE FUTURE ANNOUNCEMENTS MAY 10, 2011 - Newt Gingrich finally announces that he will be making an announcement, and Donald Trump decides to run in his mind. (3:11)

CITIZEN CAN'T MAY 17, 2011 - The Daily Show stands to lose a lot of money if Donald Trump drops out of the presidential race. (5:02)

MIKE HUCKABEE & DONALD TRUMP DROP OUT MAY 16, 2011 - Mike Huckabee jams on "Cat Scratch Fever" with Ted Nugent before announcing that he will not seek the Republican nomination. (6:22)

MOMENT OF ZEN - DONALD TRUMP WISHES MIKE HUCKABEE LUCK MAY 16, 2011 Donald Trump wishes Mike Huckabee good luck after his announcement not to run for president. (0:37)

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