Sep 15, 2016

The Daily Show On Donald Trump - Part 5 (Obama's Birth Certificate)

Part 4: The Daily Show On Donald Trump - Part 4 (The Reclusive Dictator)

Part 5: Trump chases Obama's birth certificate as if a non-citizen really could become President of the United States (you can't even file for to run for President without being a natural born Citizen)...

INDECISION 2012 - BASE RACE - SANTORUM, BARBOUR & TRUMP MARCH 30, 2011 - Rick Santorum blames Social Security troubles on abortion, Haley Barbour wants to reinstate "don't ask, don't tell," and Donald Trump calls for Obama's birth certificate. (3:32)

TALES OF PRINCIPLED BEHAVIOR - OBAMA BIRTH CERTIFICATE MYSTERY APRIL 13, 2011 - Donald Trump pays birth certificate researchers in Hawaii, Michele Bachmann takes Obama at his word, and Bill O'Reilly turns into a liberal. (5:04)

BELIEVE IT OR BELIEVE IT - OBAMA RELEASES LONG-FORM BIRTH CERTIFICATE APRIL 27, 2011 - Barack Obama expresses his sad disappointment in Americans, and Donald Trump proudly takes credit. (7:18)

OBAMA'S TAX RETURN & ROAD TO THE TRUMP HOUSE APRIL 25, 2011 - President Obama makes his tax return public, and Donald Trump's special relationship with "the blacks" goes back decades. (5:11)

AMERICA NEEDS TO SEE OBAMA'S REPORT CARDS APRIL 27, 2011 - Barack Obama releases his long-form birth certificate, but Donald Trump wants the president's Occidental records. (5:34)

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