Sep 14, 2016

The Daily Show On Bill O Reilly & The War On Christmas

INTRO - BILL O'REILLY - CHRISTMAS UNDER SIEGE NOVEMBER 14, 2006 - Jon Stewart is saddened that "The War on Christmas" comes earlier and earlier every year. (2:11)

HEADLINES - SECULAR CENTRAL DECEMBER 7, 2005 - Bill O'Reilly unearths a devastating year-old, six-second long Daily Show joke that threatens Christmas and Christianity itself. (5:33)

CHRISTMAS WITH THE KRANKS DECEMBER 13, 2005 - Bill O'Reilly campaigns against the secularization of Christmas by putting those who wish 'Happy Holidays' on the naughty list. (4:02)

GOING AT IT JANUARY 9, 2006 - Bill "Papa Bear" O'Reilly and David Letterman argue it out on "The Late Show," and Stephen gets into it with Conan O'Brien on "Late Night." (2:13)

O'REILLY JANUARY 16, 2007 - Stephen's nipples are very excited about his upcoming visit with Bill O'Reilly. (0:36)

BILL O'REILLY JANUARY 18, 2007 - Stephen finally gets to sit at the foot of the master, Papa Bear Bill O'Reilly. (5:52)

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