Sep 2, 2016

The Daily Show On Bill Clinton During January of 1999

MERCHANDISING CLINTON'S TRIAL JANUARY 11, 1999 - Stephen Colbert discusses how product placement factors into Bill Clinton's impeachment trial. (2:00)

CORRECTIONS/RETRACTIONS/APOLOGIES - BITCH OF THE MONTH JANUARY 12, 1999 - Jon goes on record about errors from the previous night's show, including comments about Bill Clinton. (1:15)

HEADLINES - THE FINAL BLOW JANUARY 14, 1999 - The first day of Bill Clinton's impeachment trial is marred by bad weather, while his investigators start off the proceedings with a round of prayers. (2:56)

HEADLINES - THE FINAL BLOW JANUARY 19, 1999 - Charles Ruff delivers a very long rebuttal in defense of Bill Clinton; Clinton delivers his State of the Union Address without a shout-out to all the fine ladies. (2:17)

HEADLINES - IMPEACH IMPEDIMENT '99 - STATE OF THE UNION JANUARY 20, 1999 - President Bill Clinton says that the state of our union is strong. (5:0

Moments Of Zen

MOMENT OF ZEN - BILL DANCING JANUARY 12, 1999 - Bill Clinton takes to the dance floor with a fan. (0:12)

MOMENT OF ZEN - DEMONSTRATORS BURN A CLINTON DRAWING JANUARY 18, 1999 - A group of protesters burn a drawing of Bill Clinton in his underwear. (0:13)

MOMENT OF ZEN - CONSTRUCTION JANUARY 19, 1999 - A short clip of Bill Clinton rolling up his sleeves and doing some good ol' construction work. (0:16)

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