Sep 15, 2016

The Daily Show Covers Sean Hannity - Part 5

Part 4: The Daily Show Covers Sean Hannity - Part 4

Part 5...

PR AUGUST 12, 2009 - Supporters swoon as Obama sells his health care plan, and an emotionally charged woman becomes Sean Hannity's new Joe the Plumber. (6:35)

MOMENT OF ZEN - GOVERNMENT OPTION AUGUST 20, 2009 - Instead of calling it a public option, Sean Hannity will now call it a government option. (0:14)

WHERE THE RILED THINGS ARE SEPTEMBER 29, 2009 - Sean Hannity blames the drought affecting California farmers on the government and a tiny fish. (7:22)

SEAN HANNITY APOLOGIZES TO JON NOVEMBER 12, 2009 - Not even an apology from Sean Hannity is worth Jon having to watch his entire show. (6:15)

WORLD OF WARMCRAFT DECEMBER 14, 2009 - World leaders ride to a climate summit in limos, and Sean Hannity denies that global warming exists because it snowed in Houston. (7:59)

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