Sep 16, 2016

The Daily Show Covers Rush Limbaugh Part 5 - Last Episodes

Part 4: The Daily Show Covers Rush Limbaugh Part 4 - 2009

Part 5...

THE VULGAR GAMES - REPUBLICAN POLICY ROUTINE MARCH 13, 2012 - Following Rush Limbaugh's Fluke-slut diatribe, Kristen Schaal discovers that Republican policies speak even louder to women than their conservative radio jerks. (5:08)

EXTREMELY LOUD & INCREDIBLY GROSS MARCH 5, 2012 - Jon Stewart covers conservatives' reaction to Rush Limbaugh's incendiary remarks about Sandra Fluke and her congressional testimony on birth control coverage. (9:32)

THE 2012 PEOPLE'S PARTY CONGRESS OF CHARLOTTE - AVOIDING WATER-GATE: DAY 1 SEPTEMBER 6, 2012 - Democrats do not want the embarrassing optics of a half-filled stadium, and human weather balloon Rush Limbaugh reveals Barack Obama's alliance with the atmosphere. (4:23)

TIP/WAG - RUSH LIMBAUGH & US WEEKLY NOVEMBER 4, 2009 - Rush Limbaugh has no clue about who will beat Barack Obama in 2012, and Us Weekly judges celebrities' kids on their appearance. (2:47)

HEATSTERIA AUGUST 9, 2011 - Part-time weather balloon Rush Limbaugh exposes the government-manufactured heat index conspiracy, while SpongeBob brainwashes kids with global warming propaganda. (4:59)

TIME TRAVEL ADVENTURES WITH CONSERVATIVES SEPTEMBER 26, 2013 - Rush Limbaugh shares his version of the Thanksgiving story in "Rush Revere and the Brave Pilgrims," and Callista Gingrich teaches kids that all elephants are created equal. (5:02)

THE WORD - IT'S A TRAP! NOVEMBER 10, 2014 - Despite the GOP's triumphant takeover of Congress, Rush Limbaugh and The National Review both urge Republicans to refrain from accomplishing anything. (6:05)

Daily Show Does Rush Limbaugh

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