Sep 2, 2016

The Daily Show Covers Megyn Kelly - Part 2 (Moments Of Zen)

Part 1: The Daily Show Covers Megyn Kelly - Part 1

Part 2; This post is basically a collection of moments of zen from the Daily Show with Megyn Kelly in the title or description.

MOMENT OF ZEN - UNCLE RICO MARCH 7, 2012 - A Fox News contributor likens Newt Gingrich to Uncle Rico, and Megyn Kelly doesn't get the reference. (0:50)

MOMENT OF ZEN - NEWS ALERT ANIMATION NOVEMBER 28, 2012 Megyn Kelly reacts to scary computer graphics. (0:20)

MOMENT OF ZEN - THE SEQUESTER FEBRUARY 25, 2013 - Megyn Kelly suspects that the sequester is as bad as it sounds. (0:12)

MOMENT OF ZEN - MEGYN KELLY'S SEQUESTER SHUTDOWN APRIL 3, 2013 - Fox News' Megyn Kelly has heard enough about the sequester. (0:15)

MOMENT OF ZEN - MIKE F**KABEE NOVEMBER 11, 2014 - Megyn Kelly introduces Mike Huckabee with an unexpected f-bomb on Fox News. (0:21)

MOMENT OF ZEN - IN DEFENSE OF FOX NEWS JUNE 23, 2015 - After President Obama calls out Fox News on the podcast "WTF with Marc Maron," network anchor Megyn Kelly issues a rebuttal. (0:23)

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