Sep 21, 2016

The Daily Show Covers Glenn Beck - Part 11 (2011 - Glenn Beck's Crazy?)

Part 10: The Daily Show Covers Glenn Beck - Part 10 (2011)

Part 11; On Glenn Becks apparent madness...

PYRAMID SCHEME - WORLD REACTION FEBRUARY 14, 2011 - Following Egypt's liberation, Wyatt Cenac covers the American reaction, Sam Bee reports from al Qaeda's headquarters, and Jason Jones is inside Glenn Beck's brain. (4:57)

MOMENT OF ZEN - CALL GLENN BECK CRAZY FEBRUARY 14, 2011 - Go to hell if you want to call Glenn Beck crazy. (0:28)

MOMENT OF ZEN - MY FELLOW AMERICANS MARCH 24, 2011 - Glenn Beck demonstrates how President Obama should have addressed America. (0:44)

A LOOK BACK - APRIL 2011 12/19/2011 Jon does one last impression of Glenn Beck as he bids him farewell, Olivia Munn explores tiger moms, and John Oliver reports on the Royal Wedding. (7:02)

THE GLENNPOCALYPSE APRIL 4, 2011 - The Emergency Backpack is filled with everything needed to survive in a post-Glenn world, including beef stroganoff. (3:57)

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