Sep 24, 2016

Facebook Is Helping Donald Trump: Facebook's Model Of Presenting News Encourages Hates Crimes Through Misinformation

Here you see facebook using Fox News & the GOP's echo chamber model of spreading news to large amounts of people and thus influencing public opinion. How this information is passed on and why VS the facts, paints a revealing picture.

First a little background on how Republicans like to spread misinformation to kill people to get the cultural context;

Republicans Demonstrate How To Kill People With Rhetoric (Something We Know Can Be Done Since The 1900s!)... Can Regular Citizens Get Secret Service Protection Too?

A Surprisingly Complete Expose Of Donald Trump's Toxic Rhetoric On Muslims & It's Effect On The Populace With Lawrence O'Donnell

Now lets see the important news Trevor Noah brings us...

MARK ZUCKERBERG'S ANTI-DISEASE CRUSADE & FACEBOOK AS A NEWS SOURCE SEPTEMBER 22, 2016 - Mark Zuckerberg announces an ambitious plan to cure all diseases, and Facebook becomes a primary news source for nearly half of U.S. adults. (6:00)

Where many people get their news from;

Trevor Noah explains an image with false statistics making the rounds on facebook (btw, this is also the primary method used by right-wing activists & often Fox News itself);

The problem:

Facebooks model of spreading information may be liable for damages if anyone gets killed though standard misinformation tactics of GOP politics clearly designed to create conflict (I'm pretty sure Mark Zukerberg is Republican. A republican at the level can't be clean. Only an idiot would believe the GOP isn't a den of traitors and Zukerberg is no idiot, i.e. "aiding and abetting");

Now, here is a list of factual articles disproving the fake stats image. 

US Uncut:
 BLACK LIVES MATTER5 Facts That Shatter the Myth of ‘Black-on-Black’ Crime: The next time you hear someone say “black-on-black crime”, show them this. 

Politifact: Trump's Pants on Fire tweet that blacks killed 81% of white homicide victims

BTW, Fox News & it's allies use this same tactic for it's "news" so the activists are just following in Fox News's footsteps.

Business Insider: EXPOSED: Here Are The Tricks That Fox News Uses To Manipulate Statistics On Its Graphics

Media Matters: A History Of Dishonest Fox Charts

Compare with the two links at the top of this post to understand how deadly this misinformation can be (it's like killing the Native Americans cause of a rumor);

More in-depth research;

Is GOP A Hate Group?

GOP's War On Colored People OR The Case To Categorize The GOP As A Hate Group

"Christian Terrorism" - As Encouraged & Covered Up By The GOP Establishment & Fox News

Proofs for 'the GOP is a White Supremacist group pretending it's not'

Economic Treason Proofs

Fox Business ... Exposed?

A Look At Fox News "Hypnosis"

I SMASH Corporate Media!!!

Note: Best sources of information for US viewers would be PBS & BBC, in my opinion, CNN International third, CNN fourth.

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