Sep 30, 2016

Daily Show On Bill O Reilly: 2007

MOMENT OF ZEN - PSYCHOLOGICAL PROBLEMS MARCH 1, 2007 - SAM SHERIDAN 03/01/2007 The O'Reilly Factor books a unique guest for their topic of choice. (0:12)

THE ADVENT OF O'REILLY JANUARY 18, 2007 - Stephen has been spending the whole day making sure everything is perfect for his guest, Bill O'Reilly. (2:34)

O'REILLY'S MICROWAVE JANUARY 18, 2007 - To honor the historic crossover of The Colbert Report and The O'Reilly Factor, Stephen steals a microwave. (2:08)

RIGHT AWAY? JANUARY 25, 2007 - Stephen feels honored to have been tolerated by Bill O'Reilly. (3:56)

SIGN OFF - MICROWAVE GIFT TO O'REILLY JANUARY 30, 2007 - It was an honor for Stephen to steal a microwave from Bill O'Reilly's green room, but he hasn't been feeling too great about what he did. (1:10)

BILL AND SYLVIA'S SEPTEMBER 27, 2007 - Bill O'Reilly dropped some science while discussing a dinner he had at Sylvia's Restaurant in Harlem. (1:23)

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