Jul 21, 2016

Trevor Noah Got It Right! GOP Needs To CUT THE SHIT... Or At Least STOP & SMELL THE SHIT! (this May Apply To All Media!)

Here is Trevor Noah telling the GOP to CUT THE SHIT;

Daily Show: MAKE AMERICA HATE AGAIN: CHRIS CHRISTIE'S ANTI-HILLARY CLINTON TIRADEJULY 20, 2016 - Despite being asked to speak during the Republican National Convention's night on economic policy, Chris Christie uses the platform to lead anti-Hillary Clinton chants. (6:50):

Shit is edited out for some reason. I thought it was legal to say shit on TV now.

Here is some shit that is beyond scientific reproach would they could cut out to show they are not focusing on fake scandals as their mode of operation (not to mention what it says about news on TV today!);

Alternative Energy Solutions

Another good recommendation to the GOP is to STOP AND SMELL THE SHIT;

Daily Show: THE RNC CHAOS CONTINUES: STOP AND SMELL THE S**T - JULY 20, 2016 -  During the Republican National Convention, Donald Trump finds a new way to overshadow Ted Cruz, and Paul Ryan barely mentions the GOP presidential nominee. (3:53)

Economic Treason Proofs;

I SMASH Corporate Media!!!

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