Jul 1, 2016

The Third Party Ticket Just Needs To Get To 15% To Get In On The Presidential Debates. Libertarian Participation In The 2016 Presidential Debates Could End The Two Party Stranglehold On American Politics Once & For All!


Once Again Congress Is Successful In Protecting It's Shady Insider Trading Deals

Daily Show: Trevor Noah Totally Humiliates America's Corrupt Political Establishment, By Comparing It's Corruption With The Corruption IN Brazil! 

It's Looking More & More Like Hillary & Bill Clinton Planned This 2016 Primary Win As A Way To Circumvent The 22nd Amendment & Keep The Power Of The Presidency For Longer To Benefit Themselves & Their Rich Friends (Remember NAFTA? TPP Is It's Grandchild)

America definitely needs a third party. Maybe this can be the debates that finally establish a third party in America rather than having two parties rule like an Oligarchy (taking care to protect each other from their crimes and always only pushing fake scandals). Check out this team...

'None of the above' voters may enable Libertarian success in 2016 Chuck Todd, political director for NBC News, talks with Rachel Maddow about the political conditions in 2016 that make a Gary Johnson Libertarian ticket potentially viable for the general election and what effects such a candidacy might have on the race.

There is hope, at least of some good debates (just need 15%)...

Libertarian nominee seeks mainstream appeal A new poll shows Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton are the most unlikable presumptive nominees in history, perhaps giving hope to alternative candidates. Libertarian candidate for president Gary Johnson joins Thomas Robert

2016's Third Option

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