Jun 18, 2016

Trevor Noah Notices Trump Thinks Muslims Have Hive Minds Like The Borg From Star Trek...Has Trump Been Hypnotized By Fox News?


Larry Wilmore Skewers The GOP & Fox News Over Their Use Of The Label "Radical Islam" Using Obama's Words

What Huckabee Is Trying To Do Is Frame Muslims While Pretending To Be Politically Correct

Hasan Minhaj Nails It On America's Hypocritical (Racist) Response To Terrorism/Violence/Murder, i.e. The Double Standards In Evaluating Murder

First look at all the evidence of Fox News & the GOP using general slander tactics on a particular group to hide thier crimes (links above) and then notice that Donald Trump thinks all Muslims are aware of each other like The Borg. Or as Trevor Noah put it, Donald Trump thinks Muslims are like bees!

HILLARY CLINTON AND DONALD TRUMP REACT TO THE ORLANDO SHOOTING - JUNE 14, 2016 - MICHELANGELO SIGNORILE AND EDDIE HUANG06/14/2016 Donald Trump implies that President Obama is a secret agent for ISIS, and Hillary Clinton pledges to use technology to fight the terrorist group if she's elected president. (8:43)


Or as I like to put it, Trump thinks Muslims are like the Borg;

Trevor Noah also slams Trump on his immigration reasoning (which just adds to the slander campaign the GOP & Fox News have been waging for a while now).


Afghanistan was an ally against the Soviets at the time.

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