Jun 2, 2016

Steve Kornacki Points Out That Hillary Clinton's Supporters Are Being Hypocritical About Bernie Sanders & His Supporters. If They Were To Look At Their Own Candidates History They Would Find She Did The Same

(This post is made almost entirely out of screenshots to highlight some words and events that I think people should remember since they keep happening with surprising regularity. Reminds me of this statement by Carl Jung, the Swiss psychoanalyst,"Naturally, every age thinks that all ages before it were prejudiced, and today we think this more than ever and are just as wrong as all previous ages that thought so. How often have we not seen the truth condemned! It is sad but unfortunately true that man learns nothing from history."  )

While Hillary Clinton's supporter make a commotion about how unreasonable etc. Bernie is being, turns out Hillary did the exact thing to Obama in 2008 (before Obama decided to drop his campaign talking points and joined the Democratic Party in helping the rich more than the poor/rest-of-the-country. Afterall, 'it's their party they can help who they want', i.e. The Democratic Party is a private organization that has connections in other private organizations... that collude together to keep power like a loosely knitted together Communist Government (but made out of Corporations!). F***** scary!).

Anyways, here are the two videos that outline what the Clinton's did in 2008 before Obama joined them and what a fighter for a real democracy did (Jerry Brown) in 1992 when he ran on a similar platform to Bernie Sanders and lost (since then everything he said what was wrong, like corporations and labor-inequality/income-inequality has gotten worse! Clearly, giving up is the wrong thing to do for the people but the right thing to do for the party and it's media offshoot who give you great stories about how glorious the days of our old rulers were before they won and became Super Stars and did nothing for the people anyways while lying about their involvement in the run up to the 2008 financial collapse, but hey! They are really nice about it once you go their way and follow the private organizations, er, I mean "Democrat party" policies. O how glorious and wonderful our fearless leaders are!). If you look at a graph of change in income you notice that the Clinton's NOT only benefited the top 1% of the economy (enormously!). They also helped the top FIFTH of the economy. That's probably why they are remembered in such glorious terms as the top fifth would include the media.

OK. here are the videos;

Video One;

Sanders' struggle has echoes of Clinton in 2008 - Geoff Garin, Clinton 2008 campaign co-chief strategist, talks with Steve Kornacki about how the Clinton campaign came to grips with losing to Barack Obama and how they turned from bitter primary election rivals to avid general election supporters.


Video Two

Former Clinton foe, California's Jerry Brown, endorses HillarySeema Mehta, political writer for the Los Angeles Times, talks with Steve Kornacki about how the endorsement of Hillary Clinton by California Governor Jerry Brown fits into the context of the historically bitter rivalry between Brown and the Clintons.


Notice how much people will blame on Trump as the reason for thier decisions? Is he really that bad? 

Trump 2016? (Should we become Trumpetts now?)

Now, take a look at the Co-Presidents up for a third term, Hillary & Bill Clinton;

The Hillary Clinton Chronicles

The Bill Clinton Chronicles

Compared to;

Bernie Sanders - 2016 Democratic Primaries

BTW, the above two videos totally smash Rachel Maddow in this one;

Sanders lawyers threaten to disrupt DNC over committee members - Rachel Maddow shares the details of a letter from Bernie Sanders campaign lawyers to the DNC threatening to disrupt the national convention unless two co-chairs of the Standing Platform and Rules Committees are removed.

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