Jun 15, 2016

McCaul, Of The House Homeland Security Committee, Provides The Perfect Example Of What's Wrong With GOP Logic On Muslim Terrorists As Opposed To Christian Terrorists (What They Have Is Like A Sort Of Pro-Christian Schizophrenia)


Hasan Minhaj Nails It On America's Hypocritical (Racist) Response To Terrorism/Violence/Murder, i.e. The Double Standards In Evaluating Murder

I thought I would point out the hypocrisy of the political leaders (& thus any law enforcement they control) have towards the word "radical Islam" as opposed to "radical Chirstianity" which they simply pretend doens't exist.

Reminder: BBC: Profile: Anders Breivik (Killed 77 In Norway) - i.e. largest mass shooting in western world history was a Christian Terrorist (Unless You Take Hitler's Word That He Was A Christian)

McCaul: We need to call out Islamic extremism for what it is Jun. 13, 2016 - 6:33 - Charmain of the House Homeland Security Committee speaks out about the Orlando shooting, threat of ISIS, lone-wolf attacks on 'Special Report'


This is the most revealing comment by McCaul

This is a strange sort of bias where these so-called "leaders" talking as if terrorism is the same as radical or fundamentalist Islamists. Although Christianity hasn't come up here in this video I can say with assurance that they would come back with "Christianity is not violent" (killing colored people isn't violence it's democracy). When a Christian Terrorist (like the one in Norway who killed 77 people), they go out of their way that this is not radical Christianity it's just mental illness. Here is Bill O Reilly Demonstrating (caught by Jon Stewart);

Fox News Response To Right Wing Christian Terrorist (clear hypocrisy);

Right Wing Terrorist Event:

BBC: Profile: Anders Breivik (Killed 77 In Norway) - i.e. largest mass shooting in world history was a Christian Terrorist

BTW, the hypocrisy of the GOP is mind boggling because another member of this very same committee for years has been a man by the name of Peter King who ACTUALLY supported the ACT of TERROR (A Tactic Used By Terrorist To Cause TerrorIn The Population Which The Media Is Careful To Announce IN Bold Letters So Everyone IS Terrified Thereby Doing Part Of The "Terror" Marketing Themselves - Called "Sensationalism" in General Media - To Make Money) For Them! (bus bombs the IRA used against the British). If the "War On Terror" wasn't pure hypocrisy then Peter King would have been targeted by some drone by now. Proofs;

Peter King's connections to the IRA (Irish Republican Army) who used terror tactics in their war against the British (i.e. PETER KING HAS A CONFIRMED TERRIST PAST AS HE HAS PREVIOUSLY ENDORSED TERRORISM)...

Article 1 on Peter KingBut according to experts in counterterrorism law, if the tough-on-terror policies King trumpets today had taken effect a few decades earlier, King himself might have been subject to prosecution. Over parts of three decades, from his days as an aspiring politician in Long Island through his early years in Congress, King was one of the nation's most outspoken supporters of the Irish Republican Army and a prolific fundraiser for the Irish Northern Aid Committee (NorAid), allegedly the IRA's American fundraising arm. The IRA waged a paramilitary campaign against the British presence in Northern Ireland for decades before peace accords were signed in 1998. Part of that effort included bombings and shootings that resulted in civilian deaths in England and Northern Ireland. During the period of King's involvement, the US government accused both NorAid and the IRA of links to terrorism.

Article 2 on Peter King"The British government is a murder machine," King said. He described the IRA, which mastered the car bomb as an instrument of urban terror, as a "legitimate force."And he compared Gerry Adams, the leader of Sinn Fein, the IRA's political wing, to George Washington.

Peter King is the perfect example of how weird GOP/Fox-News presentation of "facts" really is. He shows up for his views on all the three major media channelsto scare people of every single potential "Muslim" they meet as potential terrorists... but no one ever mentions that he is essentially a supporter of terrorism when this is one of the most important biographical facts about Peter King! 

Here is an example of Christian fundamentalists (radicals) in action passing religious law, which is basically the same as Shariah Law i.e. shariah law means religious law;

For Example;

A Million Gays to Deny in the Midwest - Indiana Governor Mike Pence signs legislation to protect religious freedom in his state, but the law leads to discrimination against the LGBT community. (6:30)

Notice how the people who this bill was written for were standing around Indiana's Governor Pence when he signed the bill;

Now, notice that this law is to help the above people practice their beliefs without Government interference. IN other words, they wish to practice the religious beliefs of theirs which was outlawed by the US Constitution. Thier religion says you can kill someone who doesn't listen to your priest. The Constitution doesn't allow them to do that. Thier bible tells them they can stone adulterers to death and that pre-marital sex should be punished with death. The Constitution says they cannot go around telling people what to do. Thier religious laws tell them that gays are an abomination. The Constitution says no citizen can be treated badly, period. 

In other words, what we have here is a law that limits Constitutional law (!) within his State so that the discrimination allowed by religion, is allowed and this opens the doorway to persecuting gays, to stoning unmarried sexual partners, to keeping slaves as it's all allowed in the bible. What we have stopping this sort of radical religious nonsense from becoming mainstream law for everyone is something called "The Constitution".

Here are Christian Radicals (Fundamentalists) saying it was OK to kill those gay people, i.e. a radical is defined by adherence to outdated beliefs with passion i.e. "fundamentalism". What this tacit seems designed to do is to persecute a whole subset of a population like Hasidic Jews who are the fundamentalists of the Jewish side (notice how all Abrahamic traditions share a common heritage of hate? If you overemphasize one over the other you are creating a bias that isn't born out in the facts... leave out 9/11 and Chritians and Muslim radica);

Baptist pastor supports the killings of gay people in Orlando on religious (Biblical) principle (there are less of these people than before because of the Constitution but the GOP seems to be marketing for a comeback);

The CLEAREST example of FBI hypocrisy, which white America - i.e. media -  is fine with, can be seen by looking at the respect and awe and PRIMETIME placement for Bill O Reilly who actually be linked - through rhetoric -directly to the more recent planned parenthood shooting (not as much as Carly Fiorina but close enough). I guess having a politician getting someone killed with thier rhetoric doesn't make them a terrorists or even get attention by its media arm (a terrorist organization is allowed to have a media arm! How crazy is that?);

Here is an extract from a still older post that shows us how prevalent Fox News & GOP talking points are, the sort of mental derangement they are causing and that it DOES often erupt in politically motivated murders which is the very definition of "domestic terrorism" in the FBI rule book. To cover up these crimes all Fox News & the GOP have to do is lie and the media takes their word for it BUT the form these murders take is the EXACT structure of any random crazy guy declaring allegiance to ISIS the ONLY difference is that Fox News & GOP culprits will deny wrong doing or that a white person can even be influenced by what they hear on "news". It's only the colored people that are influenced by words. We are only influenced by the Bible... only the parts we say we like of course. If a white guy does an act classified as an "act of terror" the guy will be declared crazy according to basic GOP talking point principles (that work well on cops making them mostly Republican... I'm guessing liberals are probably too scared of guns to be cops) outlined in this post;

Salon: Dylann Roof’s racist manifesto: A funhouse mirror reflection of right-wing American politics - Some of Roof's online rantings are completely nuts — but the roots of some of his ideas are queasily familiar

It gives the lie to the ruling conservative meme that Roof was just a loan wacko with no affinities with the white-militia movement that the respectable right has tried to keep offstage. It also shows how the accused killer of nine in a Charleston church has roots in weird ideas that are part of even the think-tank culture of the right: Roof’s manifesto is a kind of distorted, funhouse-mirror reflection of Tea Party-era conservative white America’s core beliefs, and it shares the ahistorical way many conservatives deal with race.

A little extract with my comments and/or related blog posts:

1. Trayvon Martin was a dangerous thug and George Zimmerman was right to kill him.

Related: Analysis Of The Zimmerman Trial & Fox News Hypnosis

2. Law and order in this country is threatened by dangerous, murderous blacks.

It's how GOP portrays black people through it's media;

3. Blacks are obsessed with race; they won’t stop talking about it. 

This is the GOP's and Fox News answer to almost everything that doesn't fit thier arguments, i.e. it's "the race card". 

Related: Proof of GOP being an anti-Science party

4. Slavery was not so bad. 
“I have read hundreds of slaves narratives from my state. And almost all of them were positive. One sticks out in my mind where an old ex-slave recounted how the day his mistress died was one of the saddest days of his life.”
This reflects a common GOP base view;

5. Segregation was not so bad, either. 
“Segregation was not a bad thing. It was a defensive measure. Segregation did not exist to hold back negroes.”

My past blog posts on this matter;

"Christian Terrorism" - As Encouraged & Covered Up By The GOP Establishment & Fox News

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