Jun 16, 2016

I Quickly Slam Hannity On His Hypocrisy & Promotion Of Terrorism Through Petulant Labeling Designed To Create Conflict Not Resolve Them (i.e. "Radical Islam" As Opposed To "Terrorist" OR "Madman" Or "Mass Shooter")


McCaul, Of The House Homeland Security Committee, Provides The Perfect Example Of What's Wrong With GOP Logic On Muslim Terrorists As Opposed To Christian Terrorists (What They Have Is Like A Sort Of Pro-Christian Schizophrenia)

Strong Evidence That The GOP Is Using The CIA's Plan To Destabilize Iran As A Model For Their Own Political Strategies for America

Economist Robert Reich Calls The GOP's Economic & Political Tactics TREASON

Hasan Minhaj Nails It On America's Hypocritical (Racist) Response To Terrorism/Violence/Murder, i.e. The Double Standards In Evaluating Murder

OK. Lets take a quick look at one of Hannity's propaganda segments (we know these people have a professional hyponotist on thier staff who is famous in his own right, right? i.e. Frank Luntz);

Gorka: Obama, Clinton policies emboldened enemies of the USJun. 15, 2016 - 9:58 - 'Defeating Jihad' author Dr. Sebastian Gorka weighs in on how the left has handled foreign policies, hypocrisy within the Clinton Foundation


Hannity begins with pushing his label to generalize this incident as much as possible thereby bring as many innocent people as possible within the crossfire while hiding an incredible amount of hypocrisy behind each and every word (as outlined in the background links above);

These guys are not terrorists they are "Islamic Extremists" or "Radical Islamist" which means ANYONE with radical views can now be targeted. Yes, Hannity only means Muslims who are fundamentalists/radicals but this would apply to all radicals including Fox News & The GOP itself (that part is OK, what bothers me is how this can be used in the future after we have killed or imprisoned all Muslim Extremists and Christian Extremists and Jewish Extremists... who will be extreme then? Anyone?) Note: When Traitor Inc. tries to go into scripture I go into Christian scripture and the left shuts up... so the right wins. Apparently white people and Christianity are both innocent when compared to colored people & thier religions, i.e. Hasan Minhaj Nails It On America's Hypocritical (Racist) Response To Terrorism/Violence/Murder, i.e. The Double Standards In Evaluating Murder. At least, that's how media behaves.

This is painted in it's divisive "good VS evil" format that works well with Christian viewers.

A tactic adequately portrayed by this image;

Hannity continues;

That's not all Obama won't do. He won't identify the domestic enemy for what it is. i.e. yall. But the problem with Fox & the GOP is not identifying the enemy it's the fact that Bush increased terrorism AND couldn't catch Osama and then there is Iraq & the coverup in the media - especially Fox - following it... somehow Hannity & The GOP think they has a leg to stand on. It's like watching a terrorist media leader talking with confidence about how he will influence the people in a negative direction once again. A well paid terrorist leader.

History: This is the format of attack Hannity has been using since before the Iraq War (all of Fox New & The GOP have). Turns out this style of attack has a proven result and this is it, i.e. the GOp & Fox News WERE highhandedly increasing terrorism. Then the Dems helped;

As the fourth anniversary of the Iraq approaches, a new study by Mother Jones magazine has found that the number of fatal terrorist attacks has increased by over 600 percent since the U.S. invasion. 

So, Obama gets that this sort of label is a decoy of some sort but he can't seem to place his finger on what exactly is going on.

That is correct. It's a political talking point to hide the Iraq War & 9/11 stuff. Why can't Obama just say it? Is he stupid? He won't even go halfway to Iraq & the terrorist style rhetoric of the right!

It IS a strategy. It's designed to hide thier own crimes by finding a scapegoat on which to focus people's fear on. This is how the media was able to help lead the Nation into a fake war & later covered it up;

Media's Iraq War Coverup In A Nutshell

Obama just doesn't get it. It's not that they are making a mistake in trying to broaden the war to get as many people involved in it as possible... ITS THE ACTUAL STRATEGY. If Democrats are this stupid maybe they don't deserve any power at all. At least, not the Presidency.

Media's Iraq War Coverup In A Nutshell

This is some random history strewn together to make it sound like he has a solid case from which to continue convincing people of his view. Here are a couple of debunkings;

Yes. That was weird. The whole world opposed invading Syria on the reason they went into Iraq for and found nothing. People are nothing if not fickle and confused. Flashback;

No. Obama lied about withdrawing from Iraq on his own volition to win the election in 2012. What he ACTUALLY did was follow an ALREADY SIGNED WITHDRAWAL AGREEMENT from the Bush years of terror.

  • Jon Stewart Points Out That Obama Was Following An Agreement Bush Signed When He Withdrew From Iraq (Which GOP Are Claiming Is The Reason For The Creation Of ISIS)

  • Yeah, this part is interesting. John McCain actually funded ISIS when it was just a rebel group. We try and make the links seem far away but it's a very simple one. John MCCain believed that the Saudis had the right choice in picking a radical rebel group to oppose Assad rather than a moderate one. So they funded ISIS and ISIS killed everyone. Then they went looking for "moderate rebels" like some sick joke. I'm not even including the Army's weird actions like not sending reinforcements to a city for 18 months so it cal fall to ISIS and they can prolong this war. But I could and it would be devastating.

    Extract from An Article ON The Atlantic: The Free Syrian Army (FSA), the “moderate” armed opposition in the country, receives a lot of attention. But two of the most successful factions fighting Assad’s forces are Islamist extremist groups: Jabhat al-Nusra and the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS), the latter of which is now amassing territory in Iraq and threatening to further destabilize the entire region. And that success is in part due to the support they have received from two Persian Gulf countries: Qatar and Saudi Arabia.

    In other words, the people John McCain's allies in the Saudis funded were ISIS who later killed everyone and took over. After ISIS killed everyone they tried to look for moderate rebels to fund. Just sad. Should be a crime what they did. 

    This was actually a plan by John McCain which he renegaded on AFTER Obama agreed with it like another sick trap. Also, shows Obama is following the GOP around like a pet dog further discrediting him and the Democrats as future fearless leaders of this once great Nation (but it can be made great again).

    Anyways, here is the trap GOP set that Hannity is referring to. See for yourself...

    My investigation into the matter;

    Fox News... Exposed?

    Fox Business ... Exposed?

    A Look At Fox News "Hypnosis"

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