Jun 12, 2016

I Eviscerate The Daily Show By Comparing Trump's History With Women WIth Hillary's History With Women

There's alot of words being said about Trump and women so I thought I would highlight some from the Daily Show and compare it to news items on Hillary.

TALES FROM THE TRUMP ARCHIVE - DONALD TRUMP CAN'T HELP BUT BE A CHAUVINISTMAY 26, 2016 - As Donald Trump struggles to appeal to women, Trevor unearths a 1994 interview of the presidential hopeful explaining why he didn't want his then-wife Marla Maples working. (3:50)


He's playing around. Joking. (He still has 21%... and there are lots of pro-Trump women in his crowds)

Reality Star VS Movie Star (Reagan)

Trevor Noah thinks this is being sexist but I saw later on the news that people were helping Hillary sound better and more human.

Quick search and I found this;

MSNBC Interrupts Hillary Clinton’s Speech To Complain About Her Voice
“When you’re going up every octave with every word, people are like, I have to get some popcorn and get away from this.”

I guess some people have a higher tolerance?

I think the real problem is media preconceptions of both Trump AND the Right. GOP Establishment and Right aren't always the same but the left can;t tell the difference because they have strict ways of viewing the world.

This attitude where the male role is accentuated is what people are finding offensive (I think). While Hillary, being polite, can literally get away with anything (as I show below... What about women who marry for money or to be a "housewife"... you guys know there are such things as "professional housewives" who get very mad if you undervalue them? );

What you basically see is charming conservative like Behavior like an old school patriarch (not as old school as Romney but old... still normal to at least 50% of America. Hint: It's actions that count and Trump has a tendency to put women in positions of Authority. I bet Hillary does the opposite.)

Some related videos from Fox News which seemed to be the most reliable on this matter;

Greta: Where is the 'news' in the NY Times Trump piece? May. 16, 2016 - 1:25 - Greta's 'Off the Record' comment to 'On the Record' viewers: Note to NY Times: Donald Trump's boorish behavior to women is not investigative journalism. Where was the Times when another woman, Sarah Palin, was treated poorly by men?


What has Clinton done for women? Hillary supporters stumped May. 13, 2016 - 4:18 - Reaction on 'Hannity' after some voters struggle to provide answers


Trump: NYT article 'not that bad' compared to Bill Clinton May. 18, 2016 - 6:23 - Presumptive GOP nominee goes on 'Hannity' to thank women who spoke out against an article he says was a 'con job'


Omarosa: NY Times Trump article is textbook hit job May. 16, 2016 - 5:26 - Former 'Apprentice' star and current Trump supporter Omarosa Manigault goes 'On the Record' on the controversial New York Times story about presumptive GOP nominee's treatment of women and a claim by an ex-girlfriend that she was misquoted


‘Latinas for Trump’ founder: Trump doesn’t offend me Jun. 10, 2016 - 3:20 - ‘Latinas for Trump’ founder Ileana Garcia on why Donald Trump’s message resonates with the group.


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Omarosa: Trump not racist, judge comments have been twistedJun. 07, 2016 - 5:08 - Supporter and former 'Apprentice' goes 'On the Record' on the outrage from Republicans surrounding presumptive GOP nominee's criticism of Trump U judge and whether 'The Donald' can get past the controversy


Trump and women: Pushback to NY Times 'hit piece'May. 16, 2016 - 5:42 - Strategy Room: Douglas Smith and Robert O'Brien on whether voters care about story digging into Trump's past


Former Miss USA contestant shares her side of Trump storyMay. 17, 2016 - 5:20 - On 'Hannity,' Carrie Prejean discusses the fallout from the NY Times 'hit piece'


(Articles) While political adds are made saying Trump is rude to women ... they leave out Hillary's ACTIONS. Which I find fascinating. Here is Hillary;

Here are extracts from a collection of articles that challenge the idea of Hillary's "feminism" i.e. her 'feminist credential';

Hillary Clinton says she will stand for women!!!

An interesting item on a bill Hillary passed;
In last week’s battle over the meaning of the word “progressive,” Hillary Clinton charged that Bernie Sanders had fallen short in failing to back immigration reform in 2007.
“I don’t think it was progressive to vote against Ted Kennedy’s immigration reform,” Clinton said, after slamming Sanders for his past opposition to the Brady Bill. She repeated this line of attack last night.
The Washington Post’s Callum Borchers called this “a solid answer by Clinton.” If so, that’s largely because many don’t understand the substance or politics of guest worker programs. Many immigrant rights groups have long opposed guest worker programs, and for good reason. They are geared toward maximizing exploitation and minimizing protection of immigrant workers.
As Bill Chandler, Executive Director of the Mississippi Immigrant Rights Alliance and a board member of the National Network for Immigrant and Refugee Rights put it in 2013, they are “another form of indentured servitude and a benefit for employers, not workers.”
Currently, however, guest worker programs are rife with abuse.
BuzzFeed investigations have found that “many businesses go to extraordinary lengths to skirt the law, deliberately denying jobs to American workers so they can hire foreign workers on H-2 visas instead,” and “that many of those foreign workers suffer a nightmare of abuse, deprived of their fair pay, imprisoned, starved, beaten, sexually assaulted, or threatened with deportation if they dare complain.”

A "guest worker" program Hillary passed, which she is so proud of, is actually a form of indentured servitude which provides even more proof of a strange but steady tone of racism in Hillary's politics, from the crime bill for "Super Predators" to her indifference of life and death questions about other colored women. What I'm saying is that it's a trend and it's a trend that hurts people or worse. Trump seems rude to supreme feminists but he promotes them. On the other hand Hillary hurts or kills women but they are colored. What does this say about her supporters?

She made it clear she doesn't stand for poor black women and, well, she bombs brown women and children (I think she calls it "success"... & Yemen has been destabilized with State Dept antics, ... exactly what a Henry Kissinger or Cheney-Bush strategy would look like... coincidence?)

Truth Out: Hillary Clinton's Faux Feminism

Hillary Clinton is not alone: Around the world, many female heads of state have attained their positions through marriage or bloodlines. While it is common for a woman to advance in this way, it is neither interesting nor feminist.
Speaking of that relationship, Clinton has been trying hard to portray herself as a friend of labor unions this primary season. In Las Vegas, support from unions was critical to her success. (This was sometimes accompanied by deceptive tactics. For example, the Service Employees International Union distributed flyers painting Clinton as a supporter of the Fight for $15, a national campaign to raise the minimum wage to $15 per hour. In fact, her Democratic primary opponent supports this demand, while Clinton has made clear that $12 would be just fine as a federal minimum.) Yet Walmart is also one of the most adamantly anti-union companies, notorious for violations of workers' right to organize. This, too, is a feminist issue: The majority of Walmart's workers are women, and union membership has been found to be one of the best ways to reduce workplace sex discrimination. In addition, most low-wage workers are women, so just allowing more workers the opportunity to join unions would greatly improve women's wages and working conditions. While Clinton was on Walmart's board, there is no evidence that she tried to change the company's policies on unions, nor has she reflected on that issue since then.
Clinton's feminism is not only elite, but also white and often explicitly racist. Recently Ashley Williams, a young Black Lives Matter protester, interrupted Hillary Clinton's speech at a $500 per person fundraiser, holding a sign that read "We Have to Bring Them to Heel," a direct quote from Clinton, referring to young black people in a 1996 speech on the crime problem. Williams said to Clinton, "I am not a 'superpredator,'" and asked Clinton why she had used that word. An affronted Clinton responded rudely and dismissively, and Williams was quickly escorted out. Clinton later said she regretted her 1996 choice of words, but her record goes beyond name-calling and racist language: During her husband's administration, she strongly advocated for policies that contributed to the mass incarceration of Black communities, as historian Donna Murch wrote recently in the New Republic.
During the Clinton administration, speaking about sexual harassment accusations against moderate Republican Sen. Bob Packwood, a needed ally on health care, Hillary Clinton grumbled to a friend, who later described Hillary as "tired of all the whiny women."
Hillary Clinton's mudslinging and slut-shaming campaigns against women who claimed to have had consensual sex with her husband are well documentedIn his memoir, George Stephanopoulos, quotes Hillary Clinton as saying of one such woman, "We have to destroy her story." Hillary biographer Carl Bernstein describes Hillary directing an "aggressive, explicit" campaign to discredit Gennifer Flowers, an actress who said she had a long affair with Bill Clinton. She referred to Flowers as"trailer trash." In a tough 2008 essay for Slate, Melinda Henneberger and Dahlia Lithwick wrote that Clinton "consistently relates to and protects and stands with the oppressors in the gender wars ... she invariably sees [Bill] as the victim, preyed upon by a series of female aggressors."

Salon: Sexism has nothing to do with it”: Camille Paglia on Hillary Clinton, Gloria Steinem — and why New Hampshire women broke for Bernie Sanders Sanders' thrilling win dealt Gloria Steinem and old-guard feminist establishment a loss. But it wasn't about sexism
With Bernie Sanders’ thrilling, runaway victory over Hillary Clinton in the New Hampshire primary, the old-guard feminist establishment in the U.S. has been dealt a crushing blow.
Despite emergency efforts by Gloria Steinem, the crafty dowager empress of feminism, to push a faltering Hillary over the finish line, Sanders overwhelmingly won women’s votes in every category except senior citizens. Last week, when she told TV host Bill Maher that young women supporting the Sanders campaign are just in it to meet boys, Steinem managed not only to insult the intelligence and idealism of the young but to vaporize every lesbian Sanders fan into a spectral non-person.
Steinem’s polished humanitarian mask had slipped, revealing the mummified fascist within. I’m sure that my delight was shared by other dissident feminists everywhere. Never before has the general public, here or abroad, more clearly seen the arrogance and amoral manipulativeness of the power elite who hijacked and stunted second-wave feminism.
The next day, Hillary was accompanied on the campaign trail by former Secretary of State Madeleine Albright (a Bill Clinton appointee), who proclaimed, to Hillary’s laughter and applause, “There’s a special place in Hell for women who don’t help other women.” Waspishly policing the earth was evidently insufficient for the feminist politburo, who are now barging into the salvation and damnation game.
Never mind that the woman elevated to Christ Redeemer status by Steinem and Albright has a stained and tattered rap sheet five miles long. What genuine principles does Hillary have left, after a public career so light on concrete achievement and so heavy with lies and greed? Yes, she’s been handed job after job, but primarily due to her very unfeminist association with a man. As a senator, she initiated nothing of substance, and as Secretary of State, she stumbled into one disastrous fiasco after another, escalating the destabilization of North Africa and the Mideast.
I enthusiastically support and contribute to Bernie Sanders because he is a man of conviction who speaks from his heart and who does not need paid pollsters and a giant, obsequious, royal staff to tell him what to say or wear every day. He articulates a vision of social justice that should be at the core of the Democratic party, which has become far too cozy with big donors and corporate lobbyists over the past half century. Hillary Clinton, in contrast, is a time-server and trimmer who cynically panders to every audience and who shuffles through policy positions like playing cards.

Salon: The truth about Hillary Clinton’s “problem” with women: In reality, men in New Hampshire also rejected her in droves and backed Bernie Clinton's performance with female voters in New Hampshire isn't a surprise, and isn't a rejection of feminism

Once the mainstream media gets hold of a titillating catfight narrative, there is prying them off it, it seems. In Tuesday’s New Hampshire Democratic primary, Bernie Sanders won the majority of female voters, at 55 percent, and you could practically hear the drool hitting the page. “Clinton Falters With Women in New Hampshire Amid Gender War” reads the headline at NBC NewsYoung women’s high support for Sanders is of special interest. You’d think this was a story about a nubile mistress making a grab for her man while shoving the first wife out of the way, instead of a story about something as unsexy as voting.

Salon: “Trust me it’s not just about having a vagina”: Young women aren’t listening to older feminists’ “ignorant” pleas to vote based on gender The college students we interviewed were overwhelmingly feeling the Bern

“We can tell our story of how we climbed the ladder, and a lot of you younger women think it’s done,” Ms. Albright said in New Hampshire. “It’s not done. There’s a special place in hell for women who don’t help each other!”
But young college students at New York University aren’t buying the logic — some even called it “ignorant.” Others just want to think for themselves.
“Women should be able to vote for whoever they feel is the best candidate,” one student said.

Salon: Hillary Clinton’s foreign policy is pure fantasy Clinton talks of possibly decades-long occupations and orderly regime changes, yet somehow Sanders is the fantasist
The comment came at the end of an exchange sparked by a question from University of South Carolina student Dennzon Winley. “As we have learned in Iraq and, recently, Libya,” Winley noted, “getting rid of long-time dictators and their affiliates can lead to problems unforeseen.” He then asked Clinton how she’d ensure that regime change in Syria would “install within that country a government capable of containing and mitigating the sectarian and insurgency violence that will undoubtedly increase, thus further destabilizing the region?”
After addressing a potential ceasefire in Syria and the need to stop Russia’s bombing in that country, Clinton turned to Libya. She boasted of the election held in the country in 2014, describing the moderates elected. She then suggested the country needed some time and support to get over internal disputes. “I’m hoping that we can give them the time and space to actually make a difference for their country in the future,” she said.
“How do you explain the time and space to people?” debate moderator Chris Cuomo asked in response. He then asked Clinton to assess one of the key efforts from her tenure as Secretary of State: “Maybe we shouldn’t have done it that way. Do you believe there was a mistake involved in Libya?”
After pointing to the election again, Clinton then invoked the half-century-plus deployment of U.S. forces in Germany, Japan, and South Korea as examples of U.S. troops remaining onsite to give a country time and space, with a particular emphasis on the latter. “If you think about South Korea, there were coups, there were assassinations, there was a lot of problems for the Koreans to build their economy, to create their democracy,” she described. “This doesn’t happen overnight, and yes, it’s been a couple of years,” she said, returning to the five years since Libya’s overthrow of Qaddafi in 2011. “I think it’s worth European support, Arab support, American support, to try to help the Libyan people realize the dream that they had when they went after Qaddafi.”
In response to a question about what she meant about time and space (and a question about whether regime change that has led to chaos was a mistake), Clinton responded by raising deployments that have lasted upwards of 60 years.
Meanwhile, while Bernie Sanders may be recommending the U.S. adopt domestic policies that match those of our Canadian and European counterparts, thus far he has mentioned nothing about 60-year military deployments. Moreover, unlike Sanders, Clinton has not even called for taxes to pay for what would be a costly endeavor — unless her reference in this exchange to Libya’s oil means she hopes to be more successful billing Libya for defense than the U.S. has been with Iraq.
Such is the nature of our politics that Sanders can be attacked as a fantasist for daring to aspire to live as well as Europeans, while 60-year military deployments get treated as magic ponies that cost nothing.

Alternative news;

A Daily Mail Exclusive

EXCLUSIVE: Bill Clinton’s lover - before and AFTER his marriage - tells how 'lumpy' Hillary with her 'fat ankles and hair on her toes' schemed to get her to LIE on 60 Minutes about Bill's other affairs 

In 1974, he told her of this woman he had moved in with at Yale. It was simply a decent place to live, a roof over his and she would never be an issue between them, he intimated.

The now 60-something Dolly didn't realize at the time that Hillary's role was financial provider, a role that started at Yale University in New Haven, Connecticut.

'Hillary's role of providing financial security for Billy was part of her motivation for the series of financial crimes (yes, crimes) that she committed over the decades'.

'Hillary was upholding her part of the deal to get Billy elected president, after which it would be her turn to be the first woman in the Oval Office', lawyer and author Dolly Kyle writes in her bombshell book Hillary, The Other Woman, published by WND Books.

‘Billy and Hillary Clinton continue to be lying, cheating, manipulative, scratching, clawing, ruthlessly aggressive, insatiably ambitious politicians who are giving public service a bad name – and nothing about them has changed in the past forty-plus years, except that they have deluded more and more people’.

'The Clintons and their misled supporters have rewritten history to suit their political agenda, which is to get votes to get power to get money to get more power to get more money'.

'The Clintons' vicious cycle of intertwining greed and power addictions will have no limit, unless someone stands up and announces, "The emperor has no clothes!"

'Here am I', writes Dolly.

'Ideology, integrity, and love of country were never involved in the "Billary" quest for the White House.
'It was always a codependent, co-conspiratorial grab for money and power and more money and more power'.
'Unfortunately for them and for the United States of America, there is never enough to satisfy addicts'.

Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-3633977/Bill-Clinton-s-lover-Dolly-Kyle-tells-lumpy-Hillary-fat-ankles-hair-toes-schemed-LIE-60-Minutes-Bill-s-affairs.html#ixzz4BLay5ye7
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The women who accused Bill Clinton: A primer on the sex scandals that Donald Trump won’t stop taunting Hillary about Trump said of Hillary: "She's been the total enabler. She would go after these women and destroy their lives"

Trump seems intent on making Bill Clinton’s sexual history — and Hillary Clinton’s responses to it — a campaign issue. Here’s a quick refresher on a few of the Clinton sex scandals that seem likely to be dredged up in the months to come:

Paula Jones
In May 1994, former Arkansas state employee Paula Jones filed a civil suit accusing Bill Clinton of “sexually harassing and assaulting” her three years earlier. According to the lawsuit, after inviting Jones into his hotel room, Clinton exposed himself and propositioned her with “unwanted sexual advances.” The search for evidence in the case led Jones’s legal team to discover the Monica Lewinsky affair that eventually resulted in Clinton’s impeachment.
Clinton denied the allegations, but eventually paid Jones $850,000 to drop the lawsuit. He never publicly apologized or admitted wrongdoing.

Gennifer Flowers
In the leadup to the 1992 New Hampshire primary, the supermarket tabloid The Star published a story about an Arkansas state employee and nightclub singer named Gennifer Flowers who said that she and Bill Clinton had a 12-year-long affair. During the ensuing media scrum, the Clintons publicly addressed Flowers’ claims in a highly publicized “60 Minutes” interview immediately following the Super Bowl. Bill Clinton vaguely acknowledged “wrongdoing,” but called Flowers’ allegation of a 12-year affair “false.” According to Carl Bernstein, Hillary Clinton took “aggressive, explicit direction of the campaign to discredit” Flowers.
In the midst of the Flowers scandal, Bill Clinton left the campaign trail to return home to Arkansas to preside over the execution of Ricky Ray Rector, a mentally disabled prisoner. The late Christopher Hitchens sharply criticized Clinton for cynically using the execution as a distraction from negative publicity arising from the Flowers story.

This goes on for a bit (click here to read the full article). It's f***** psychotic. Reminds me of these posts;

Hillary & Bill Clinton Have Already Been Co-Presidents For 8 Years. Electing Them Again Goes Against the Spirit Of The Law, i.e. NO THIRD TERMS!

The Case For Dis-Qualifying Hillary Clinton From The Race For The White House Based ON The Spirit Of The Third Term Law (22nd Amendment To The Constitution)

It's Looking More & More Like Hillary & Bill Clinton Planned This 2016 Primary Win As A Way To Circumvent The 22nd Amendment & Keep The Power Of The Presidency For Longer To Benefit Themselves & Their Rich Friends (Remember NAFTA? TPP Is It's Grandchild)

Looks like they planned this as a way to circumvent the 22nd amendment! What genius criminal masterminds!

I SMASH Corporate Media!!!

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