May 5, 2016

Morning Joe: Trump Has To Back Away From The Muslim Ban - Correct!

Background: I Answer Trevor Noah's Questions About Donald Trump's "Muslim Ban"

OK.  Starting with the latest media controversy...

Joe: Trump has to back away from Muslim ban Top Talkers: Now that he's the only man in the GOP race, Donald Trump has little time to correct his course when it comes to some of his earlier platforms, like a temporary Muslim ban and his comments on Mexicans. The Morning Joe panel discusses.

It's no big deal. George Bush announced a "crusade" against the middle east after he did 9/11. There was a big backlash and even had to withdraw from his directly inflammatory statements. I heard alot of people bragging about how America didn't go lynch mob crazy even after 9/11, though they later directly killed or encouraged the death of, over 1.2 million people for, what appears to be direct documented evidence of, oil! No terrorist ever did better!

Anyways. that stuff is far away form the mainland and is kept on the down-low by the Political Establishment's collaborators in the media (to various degrees). After killing all the witches at the stake, all the Native Americans for being colored, dominating all the slaves for being inferior/colored (as allowed in the Bible - New Testament) and leaving the entire race in poverty... then Vietnam, Korea (all standard Kissinger ideas STILL being applied today)... America no longer has the stomach for this sort of mob violence mentality that people believe Trump is spouting.

That said, Trump shouldn't back down from being careful about them refugees. Sneaking one bad guy in (by ISIS or the CIA/Army) would work wonders for the medias propaganda against Muslims and COULD lead to more violence against Muslims (or Muslim looking people) as per the media' propaganda bent (as outlined in the inks below). If Trump wants to sit on a position of "Muslim Refugee Ban" till the general election, that might work too. The key point for that argument is safety of the American people from terrorists, foreign or domestic. Just keep in mind, the GOP Establishments record of being terrorist-like is pretty well documented. A non-fact based, lopsided view of the world, may have worked in Germany but I'm not sure it would work here, at least in the neat future. (Maybe what Hillary needs to do is blow up a city as per Cheney's idea, then you can get some REAL blind obedience?).

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