May 12, 2016

Mass Murder: Now The Media Covers The Fertilizer Plant Bombing of 2013 Like it Should Have In 2013

Background: In April of 2013 America Seemed To Have Had Two Terror Attacks. One By Muslims (The Boston Marathon Bombing) & The Other By Christians (Waco Texas Fertilizer Plant Bombing) (first posted here)

Keep in mind, as you go over this information, how the media continued to cover up the iraq oil war (as illustrated by John Stewart) and the Bernie Sanders cover up... not to mention the ridiculous lack of interest in the political establishment's corruption (board members?).

First, the latest breaking news story about something that happened during the same week  as the Boston Marathon bombing;

Fox News: Arson probe launched as officials say deadly fertilizer plant blast was criminal

Officials launched a hunt Wednesday for possible criminal suspects in the 2013 explosion that killed 15 people at a fertilizer plant in West, Texas, after announcing the fire that triggered the blast was arson.
The Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives announced a $50,000 reward for information. Officials said they had made no arrests.
The fire at the West Fertilizer Co. facility in April 2013 caused ammonium nitrate to ignite, triggering a massive explosion that killed 15, injured hundreds more and left part of the small town in ruins.
ATF officials in Houston said they conducted more than 400 interviews and that the investigation had cost some $2 million dollars.
"We have eliminated all reasonable accidental and natural causes," ATF Special agent Robert Elder said. "This was a criminal act."
Inspectors previously said three possible scenarios caused the fire: faulty electrical wiring, a short circuit in a golf cart stored at the plant, or arson.
In addition, federal regulators earlier issued a report that found inadequate emergency response coordination and training and careless storage of potentially explosive materials contributed to the blast. The U.S. Chemical Safety Board adopted recommendations that federal regulators set higher standards for safe handling and storage of fertilizer-grade ammonium nitrate.


Second: The following is an extract from my earlier post on this from May 19 2015 or Jan 5 2015 (put as the "background" above... and probably earlier on twitter by a year or so) to show how biased and hypocritical the media truly is. 

Huffington PostAlmost everyone in America knows the names of the two young terrorists allegedly responsible for the April 15 Boston Marathon bombings, but few can identify the owner of the fertilizer plant that exploded in West, Texas, two days later. Both are culpable of killing innocent people, but the media, along with government regulators and law enforcement agencies, poured much more time and resources into finding the two Tsarnaev brothers than they did in investigating Donald Adair. Crime in the streets (particularly by terrorists) is big news but crime in the suites rarely makes headlines.

Why isn't the American public calling for the arrest, conviction, and imprisonment of Adair, the owner of the West Fertilizer Company in West, Texas, where an explosion on April 17 killed 14 people, left 200 others with injuries (including burns, lacerations, and broken bones), flattened houses and a 50-unit apartment building, destroyed a nursing home, damaged a local school, and left a crater 93 feet by 10 feet?

The explosion was so devastating that investigators, almost two months after the incident, are unable to definitively determine the exact cause of the explosion. But it is possible that Adair -- who also owns Adair Grain (the parent company of West Fertilizer) and Adair Farms, including about 5,000 acres of cropland and grassland in the area, worth several million dollars -- consistently flouted the law and common sense safety measures that put both his employees and the surrounding community at risk.

Texas prides itself on the lack of rules for businesses. Texas is the only state that doesn't require companies to have workers compensation insurance. Houston is one of the few cities that have no zoning laws to create buffers between schools, homes and toxic chemical manufacturers. Texas doesn't have a state fire code and prohibits small counties from having local codes allowing fire marshals to inspect and prohibit the storage of highly flammable and explosive chemicals near homes and schools.According to the New York Times, some Texas counties even cite the lack of local fire codes as a reason for companies to move there.

Texas lawmakers have also recently sought to further weaken the state environmental agency that oversaw the West plant and reduced its budget by $305 million. Even after the explosion, Texas Governor Rick Perry claimed that more government oversight and more safeguards aren't needed.

Anyways, here is what was NOT covered properly the SAME week of the Boston Marathon Bombing - i.e. a COMPLETE media blackout - of a terror attack (fire explosion using fertilizer like Tim McVeigh) that registered as 2.1 on the Richter scale. Why? I don't know. Maybe because it was Pedo Perry's State and he was planning to run in the Presidential election again. OK. Here is the information;

Cause of Texas Fertilizer Plant Explosion - Still Unknown 1 Month LaterOfficials investigating the cause of the deadly explosion at a fertilizer plant in the town of West, Texas, say they have still not ruled out the possibility the fire was caused intentionally. Possible triggers under investigation include a problem with the plant’s electrical system, a battery-powered golf cart, or arson. A pair of blasts that happened almost simultaneously killed 14 people and leveled a residential area around the plant exactly one month ago today. Many of the dead were first responders who reacted to the initial fire.
From my old post:
 Why do I think we had two terrorist attacks in the week of the Boston Marathon Bombing and not just the one. 

1. The media didn't cover the Texas Fertilizer Plant Explosion despite there being more deaths and despite the explosion being so big it registered as a 2.3 earthquake.... and despite the desperation of looking for news in their comical style.

2. The GOP owns Fox News and has clear money links to CNN (with crazy Republicans on the board) and I don't know about MSNBC as I didn't have them back then. But the lack of focus on this strange incident makes me believe they didn't cover that huge explosion as well.

3. Texas had been reducing regulations that keep us safe from these explosions for a long time. Not to mention the fact that Texas is a hot bed of anti-government rhetoric (that Tim McVeigh was connected to), of neo nazis and white supremacists. Anyone of whom could have committed the Texas Fertilizer bombing.

4. Fertilizer and oil/gas is what caused the huge explosion in Oklahoma i.e. the Tim McVeigh bombing. (that means that whit supremacists, KKK & neo nazis know about this technique to cause huge explosions and the Boston Bombing has just taken place suggesting someone may have been doing a copy cat... also keep in mind the conspiracy theories floating around after the Boston Marathon bombing... altogether the situation makes these explosion very suspicious indeed.)

5. Not only did the media not investigate the job was given - rather too quickly - to the NIST i.e. the ones who made that crazy cartoon to explain how something impossible could happen after a bunch of architects & engineers pointed out the obvious problems with the WTC 7 fall.

6. Fox News & The GOP have gone out of their way to protect Christian terrorists from being called terrorists, so if this was an act of terrorism by a Christian, someone like Rick Perry (who has been promoting child abuse for years) would definitely cover up.

This was an intentional fire and there was enough lack of evidence for the media to have made a big deal about this if it wasn't for Mr. "I Got New Glasses To make Me Smart" Pedo Perry. Here is the ridiculous extent the media went to to not do it's job and focus on sensationalism and fear mongering;

The Most Busted Name in News - CNN's exclusive report on an arrest in the Boston Marathon bombing was exclusive because it was completely wrong...

This is CNN?: While other networks used a studio anchor to keep Boston bombing coverage from going adrift, CNN instead went with a sandlot football approach...   


Bush's Legacy: A Bill Moyers documentary exploring how mainstream media failed to question the war in Iraq 

US TV News Media: Fox News Echo Chambers 
Democracy & Despotism: 1940s Encyclopedia Britannica Films 


{News Report} Before brothers Tamerlan and Dzhokhar Tsarnaev were even identified as the Boston bombing suspects, the media announced the usual villains: a “dark-skinned suspect,” a 21-year-old Saudi “jihadi” whose only crime was to run away from a violent explosion, and a 17-year-old Moroccan high school track star who attended the marathon carrying a bag. There was also a clarion call from conservative columnist (and sometime Fox News guest) Erik Rush to murder all Muslims.

We now know the suspected brothers were born in Kyrgyzstan, are ethnically Chechen, and lived in America for several years. They are literally Caucasian since their family originates from the northern Caucasus region. Neither of them were dark-skinned, “Saudi,” bearded or brandished a fiery red trident or horns on their head.

Muslim mass murderers excluded from “Whiteness” are usually labeled “terrorist” as opposed to being categorized as “lone wolf,” “lone radical/gunman ” or “deeply disturbed.” The latter applies to white men, such as mass murderers Wade Page, Jared Loughner, Adam Lanza, James Holmes and Anders Breivik.

This raises the legitimate question: What’s the difference between the “terrorism” of the Tsarnaev brothers and the “lone radical” violence of white supremacist Wade Page, who shot and killed six Sikh Americans at their temple? What are the definitions and standards for “terrorism”? Who decides?

Apparently, it’s new media, which covered the police hunt for the brothers as a “Choose Your Own Adventure” novel scripted by amateur Hardy Boys and “CSI” aficionados. Overnight, the world witnessed the birth of a great career opportunity for self-proclaimed experts on Chechnya, jihad, radicalization and counterterrorism, who emerged instantly using Google and Wikipedia to obtain their dubious scholarship.

This includes Chuck Woolery, self-identified conservative and a relic of ’80s game shows, who displayed brilliant, evidence-based, sociological insights with this helpful tweet: “Muslims can’t seem to live in peace with anyone. Even each other. FACT.” He continued his love connections with Muslims by adding, “All Muslims are not terrorists. Most, if not all terrorists are Muslims. Please dispute that.”

Sure, Chuck, I will. In the U.S., 56 percent of terrorist attacks and plots have been perpetrated by right-wing extremists, 30 percent by eco-terrorists and 12 percent by Islamic extremists. The Southern Poverty Law Center recently reported the highest number of extremist hate groups ever recorded in U.S. history, with the sharp rise attributed to massive growths in white supremacist, anti-immigrant and radical anti-government groups. Anti-Muslim hate groups have also increased by 300 percent.

17 Years After Oklahoma City Bombing, Right-Wing Extremism Is Significant Domestic Terror Threat

"Christian Terrorism" - As Encouraged & Covered Up By The GOP Establishment & Fox News

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