May 3, 2016

FUNNY: Hillary Clinton Is Using Almost The Exact Same Words Obama Used Against Her But For Donald Trump!

I thought this was interesting. Hillary Clinton has started using Barack Obama's claim about her during the 2008 election ... against Donald Trump!

Here is her claim;
“I’m really focused on moving into the general election,” Clinton said when asked about the primary election Tuesday in Indiana. “And I think that’s where we have to be, because we’re going to have a tough campaign against a candidate who will literally say or do anything. And we’re going to take him on at every turn on what’s really important to the people of our country.”

Here is what Obama said about her in 2008;

Here is the radio add that Obama's words are from plus some other lies Obama accused her of!

Screenshots of this add;

Here are some of the lies that came out in a debate on Jan 22nd 2008 in South Carolina;

Obama starts off with: "One of the things thats happened during the course of this campaign is that there are a set of assertions made by Senator Clinton, as well as her husband, which are not factually accurate." 

Obama points out various lies that Hillary & her hubby are spreading about him (I guess the Clinton's believe lying is the Democratic way... do the Democrats know this?)

  • Clinton falsely accused Obama of saying he "really liked the ideas of the Republicans" including private Social Security accounts and deficit spending. Not true. The entire 49-minute interview to which she refers contains no endorsement of private Social Security accounts or deficit spending, and Obama specifically scorned GOP calls for tax cuts.
While Obama was making these claims (verified as TRUE) Hillary looked like this:

i.e. this is what Hillary looks like when she lies (confident, coy, an "i got you" attitude), i.e. she enjoys lying as long as she's not caught.

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